Ask A Lawyer

by Jay Girvin, Esq., Girvin & Ferlazzo. P.C.,Albany, New York
Q. What are the basic steps involved in the litigation of a civil case?
The New York State court system provides an orderly process for the adjudication of civil disputes between parties. All sorts of civil claims may be the subject of litigation — personal injury lawsuits, breach of contract actions and other commercial claims, real property disputes, civil rights actions, and a host of other claims arising under statute or common law. While the nature of the claims may be different from case to case, most civil cases filed in the New York Supreme Court follow the same basic path from beginning to conclusion. [Read more…]

Champions selected at 2013 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show

CM-BF-2-Eastern Jr Angus582Junior Angus exhibitors led 243 entries at the 2013 Eastern Regional Junior Angus Show, June 21-23 in Harrisonburg, VA. Alan Miller, Gridley, IL, evaluated the 146 owned females, 53 bred-and-owned females, 12 bred-and-owned bulls, 19 steers, and 13 cow-calf pairs before choosing winners.
Wright SCC Bootlegger 0522 claimed grand champion bred-and-owned bull honors. Logan Wright, Philippi, WV, owns the February 2012 son of S A V Brilliance 8077.
Tanner Ayres, Hillsboro, Ohio, led the reserve grand champion bred-and-owned bull. L L F Brave 2572 is a March 2012 son of S A V Brave 8320.
Cherry Knoll Pleasant Elsa was named grand champion owned female. Logan Wright, Philippi, WV, owns the January 2012 daughter of S A V Brilliance 8077. She first won early junior champion. [Read more…]

Fertility management increases produce nutrition and yields

CN-MR-4-Fertility management 4by Sanne Kure-Jensen
At Natural Roots Farm in Conway, MA, David Fisher and Anna Maclay use a five-part fertility program to raise every plant, farm animal and person in optimal health and vitality. They nourish land with animal manure-based compost, mineral amendments, seed inoculants, green-manure crops and rotationally-grazed animals. By enhancing soil fertility, these farmers improve their food’s nutritional content while raising the farm’s long-term sustainability. This spring, Fisher shared his experience with NOFA/RI Advanced Grower Workshop participants held at URI.
Fisher, Maclay and their two children raise 3.5 acres of produce for 200 CSA shareholders and another 3.5 acres of soil-building crops. Fisher focuses on biological fertility, intensive cover cropping and weed control. [Read more…]

Using Pinterest to market your business

by Katie Navarra
Tell your story. Build a community. Send traffic to your website. Social media of all types helps businesses spread the word about the products and services offered. Using social media sites to promote farm products, farmers markets and onsite events can be a cost effective way to increase sales.
Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are by far the most frequently social media sites mentioned, but Pinterest is becoming an equally important outlet. [Read more…]

Late blight confirmed on tomato in New Jersey

Late blight was confirmed in a commercial tomato field in Mercer Co., NJ around the end of June.
Other reports on tomato in the Mid-Atlantic region this season include a commercial field in Montgomery Co., MD and a greenhouse in Morgan Co., WV (US-23). There have been no confirmed reports on potato. The recent and forecasted storms across the state have made conditions more favorable for late blight. A protectant spray program is recommended and it is important to be scouting your crop regularly looking for irregularly shaped water-soaked lesions that are initially pale green before turning brown. Under humid conditions, the lesions on the underside of the leaf will sporulate giving them a white fuzzy appearance. The lesions will tend to develop on the upper to middle part of the plant as opposed to early blight and Septoria leaf spot that start on the lower leaves and progress up the plant. [Read more…]