If it’s dairy, he collects it

CN-MR-3-If it's dairy 1by Sally Colby
Earl Bennett’s home wasn’t always filled with old milk bottles, dairy signs and other dairy memorabilia. Antiques, especially dairy antiques, always intrigued him, and his hobby-turned-business began innocently enough when Bennett and his father were in the feed and grain business.
“We delivered grain to all of the dairy farms south of Boston; all the way to the tip of the Cape and the islands,” said Bennett, of Holbrooke, MA. “As the dairy farms went out of business, I asked them for a bottle to remember them by. That’s how I started collecting.”
In addition to having some rare and unique bottles in his collection, Bennett has interesting stories that go with bottles from the days of home milk delivery. He tells the story of the Quabbin Reservoir, built in the 1930s to supply the growing city of Boston. To create the reservoir, people from several towns were relocated before the entire area was flooded. One of the towns that was flooded was Prescott, and Bennett has one of the bottles from the Griswold dairy in that town. Another unique bottle in his collection is from the Richard Lamont dairy farm in Vermont, which bottled milk in an exclusive tall, round amber pyro quart bottle. [Read more…]

Holstein hat-trick for Supreme Champion at 2013 All-American Dairy Show

CMN-DY-MR-4-Holstein 2Senior, Junior, Bred-and-Owned Supreme Champions chosen

Whitaker Stormatic Rae-ET was crowned the Supreme Champion of the 2013 All-American Dairy Show on Thursday, Sept. 12, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg.
Owned by Craig Walton and Gene Iager of Pleasant Plain, Ohio, “Rae” rose above 1,212 head of cattle represented from seven dairy breeds to earn the supreme title.
Walton and Iager earned $3,000 sponsored by Cargill, of Shippensburg, PA.
The six other All-American Grand Champions represented were: [Read more…]

Treating diarrhea with goat’s milk

by George Looby, DVM
Successfully treating diarrhea in the newborn of all species has long been a challenge to those charged with their care. Infants whose immune systems have yet to be developed rely on antibodies from their mother’s colostrum to provide the protection they need until their own systems can begin to provide some degree of protection. Despite the best efforts of their caregivers, very young farm animals are often exposed to a wide variety of organisms in their environment which can wreak havoc on them. Most often these invaders attack the gastro intestinal tract resulting in a loose, watery diarrhea which leads to dehydration and sometimes, if left untreated, death. [Read more…]

New York State Fair connects farmers, fresh produce and eager buyers

CEW-MR-3-State Fair1by Pat Malin
SYRACUSE, NY — Jo Ellen Saumier and Kirby Selkirk, a pair of sheep farmers from Chateaugay, NY, near the Canadian border, took special pains to get to the New York State Fair on Aug. 27.
That day was designated as “Beef Day” and also “Senior’s Day,” but that wasn’t what attracted the duo. They traveled 200 miles, just to volunteer that day at the Farmer’s Market Federation of New York booth and to sell produce from farmers other than themselves.
This year, fresh farm produce occupied a large and prominent stand just inside the gate at the fair. It seemed like an “a-ha” moment for the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets. Farmers and consumers alike might have asked what took the fair and state officials so long to see the obvious connection.
The fair, which ran from Aug. 22-Sept. 2, had developed a new theme which was called “Sharing the Bounty and Pride of New York.” The theme was created by Kathy Denman of Syracuse and chosen during a contest. It was used during a statewide marketing and public relations campaign aimed at promoting the Great New York State Fair. [Read more…]