Mother Nature meets her match in Hunt Farm

CN-MR-3-Mother Nature 1by Laura Rodley

All farmers know that Mother Nature is unpredictable and try to work within her good grace and confines, no matter what weather she delivers. What is predictable on George Hunt Jr.’s Hunt Farm, a dairy farm in Orange, MA, is that calves are born all year long that keep the cows circulating in steady milk production, three calves a week. On Jan. 1, two calves were born and one expected any minute on Jan. 2, with temperatures expected to reach 15 below F. [Read more…]

Grazing at Applecheek Farm

CN-MR-2-Grazing 1by Tamara Scully

It’s all about the grass at Vermont’s Applecheek Farm. The 300 acre former dairy farm has 120 acres of open pasture, used both for mixed species rotational grazing and for hay production. John and Rocio Clark now run the farm, which John’s parent operated as a dairy farm for many years. They certified the dairy as organic in 1999. Today, however, the next generation has opted to focus on raising organic and natural meats, and recently stopped dairying altogether. The farm also hosts an on-farm event and catering business, and rents some land to vegetable growers, who are operating a Community Supported Agricultural program. [Read more…]

The vicious horse case

by George Looby, DVM

A case presently under review by the Connecticut Supreme Court could have far-reaching implications for the horse owners of Connecticut and, if carried to a possible ultimate conclusion, the equine industry throughout the U.S. In this case, a young boy was bitten by a horse and when the case was brought to trial the Appellate Court hearing the case ruled that horses are “a species naturally inclined to do mischief or be vicious.” [Read more…]

2014 Virginia Farm Show offered prizes galore

CM-MR-1-Virginia Farm Prizes 1by Jon M. Casey
Attendees of the 2014 Virginia Farm Show not only had opportunity to see the latest in products and services to the farming industry, they were also able to participate in competitions and drawings for cash and prizes throughout the three-day event. With Friday’s popular Skid Steer Rodeo, sponsored by the Virginia Farm Bureau, and with trophies and cash prizes sponsored by the Virginia Farm Bureau, Crown Concrete and equipment dealers James River Equipment, Beverage Tractor, Binkley & Hurst and Carter Machinery, contestants and their families enjoyed an afternoon of excitement; one that they look forward to each year. [Read more…]

Virginia Farm Show continues to grow

CM-MR-1-Virginia Farm 1by Jon M. Casey

It didn’t take long to see the changes from previous years at the 2014 Virginia Farm Show. As attendees made their way from Building 1 to Building 2 Jan. 16-18, they were welcomed with a new paved asphalt floor inside the facility. [Read more…]