Intelligent mastitis management

CEW-MR-1-MastitisConAs dairy farmers, we need to learn to manage mastitis using a whole arsenal of information rather than routinely treating all our mastitis cases with antibiotics. One step in intelligently managing mastitis, according to Dr. Ernest Hovingh of Penn State, is to learn to culture the organisms causing mastitis on your farm. Which organisms are causing mastitis is one important piece of information you’ll need to figure out the best way to manage your mastitis cases. [Read more…]

Montgomery County Farm Bureau Promotion & Education Committee donates to local food pantry

CE-MR-1-Mont FB committee1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“It’s food donations like these that make it possible to serve as many people as we do,” stated Fulmont Community Action Outreach Center Coordinator Aimee Kollar. “I never have to turn anyone away.”

Kollar was speaking about the generous donation made to the Fulton Montgomery Food Pantry by ladies representing the Montgomery County Farm Bureau Promotion and Education committee.

A variety of cereal, soup, canned vegetables, canned fruits and juices were some of the assorted non-perishable items purchased by Montgomery County Farm Bureau’s Promotion and Education Committee members Mary Finch, Grace Downes and Marge DeBlock. [Read more…]

Collaborative effort helps CSA owners improve

CM-MR-2-CSASchool1by Jon M. Casey

Approximately 50 CSA farm owners gathered to participate in a daylong program presented by Penn State Extension and Dickinson College covering important aspects of CSA Farming, including food safety, finances and finding shareholders. The notable Jean-Paul Courtens of Roxbury Farm of Kinderhook, NY began the day with a presentation reminding attendees of the importance of staying the course with the CSA business model while also allowing change to improve profitability and customer service. [Read more…]

4-H teen leaders dream big in Wyoming County

A group of Wyoming County 4-H Youth has taken major strides to increase the presence of 4-H in the Wyoming County community. On May 13, three youth representing the 4-H Teen Leaders Program presented a sign proposal before the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors. This proposal involves the installation of signs reading “WYOMING COUNTY 4-H WELCOMES YOU” at regular intervals throughout the county.

Growing a farm with goats

CN-MR-3-OakLeafby Sally Colby

The Reynolds family had been making and selling hay on the family farm, but it was the young goats they brought home after a hay delivery that started them on the path to a more serious agricultural enterprise. The Reynolds children wanted to participate in 4-H, and goats were the ideal project for them. [Read more…]