Checking in on Oregon Dairy’s Family Farm Days

CM-MR-3-Checking in 2by Steve Wagner
There are perfect days for certain events, the kind of days people pray for to ward off rain and make it not too hot, when children and adults can have a good time and get an education as well. Oregon Dairy, located not far from the outskirts of Lancaster, PA, is one of those farms that always seem to be at the vanguard of agricultural issues, hosting seminars, earning awards, and being a good neighbor as well as a good steward of the land.
At Oregon Dairy’s Family Farm Days, the farm resembles an amusement park with heavy ag overtones. A lot of young people exercised their curiosity and their appetites. If a youth was genuinely interested in the farming process, having had no other exposure to it other than videos or reading material, a visit to Oregon is a wonderful primer. Farming is a challenge today, not only because of its inherent problems but now there are political adversities as well. However, it takes that kind of spirit to approach farming, particularly dairy farming, with realistic expectations. [Read more…]

Sipe Angus uses Wye genetics to breed cattle to thrive on fescue

CM-MR-2-Sipe Angus 2by Karl H. Kazaks
CLAREMONT, NC — Randy Sipe’s career as a cattleman has seen many twists and turns — even an upheaval or two. But Sipe has finally settled on an approach to creating cattle which looks to be his crowning achievement as a breeder.
For the past 15 years he’s been using the line-bred, moderate-framed, flat-patterned Wye Angus cattle as a basis for a registered herd he’s building in North Carolina’s piedmont. He trying to build the same types of cattle found in the classic Wye line, with one exception: he is also selecting for cattle which perform on fescue.
“In the Southeast we’re always going to have fescue,” Sipe said, “and our goal is to improve cattle to adapt to fescue.” [Read more…]

New York Farm Bureau President’s statement on Senate passage of Immigration reform

“Today’s (June 27) passage of comprehensive immigration reform is a major milestone for New York’s farmers. It addresses critical short and long term needs that will better provide a stable workforce on our farms. Those needs include allowing employees who are already skilled and working in this state to stay here and eventually obtain legal status. It’s gratifying to see the hard work New York Farm Bureau has demonstrated on behalf of our farm families result in real movement on this issue for the first time in years. [Read more…]

Statement from Agriculture Secretary Vilsack on Senate Immigration Bill passage

On June 27, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack made the following statement on the Senate passage of the Immigration Bill: “Today’s strong bipartisan vote in the U.S. Senate to fix America’s broken immigration system is good news for farmers and ranchers, good news for farm workers, and good news for rural America. The Senate plan would ensure the stable agricultural workforce that U.S. producers need in order to remain competitive with other [Read more…]