NY Jersey Cattle Club summer picnic

CEw-MR-3-NY Jersey798by Steven E Smith
A love for Jersey cattle brought NY State Jersey Cattle Club members to Johnstown, NY, on July 27 to attend the club’s summer picnic at Dreamroad Jerseys owned by Phillips and Susan Ferry and family.
The NY Jersey Cattle Club gathers for a State Picnic at different breeder farms. Members enjoy discussing the latest news about Jersey cattle and farming as well as catching up with families and friends. Excitement amongst those who recently attended the American Jersey Cattle Club and National All-Jersey Inc national meetings in Amarillo, Texas was evident at this year’s picnic.
During the picnic, different presenters also shared updates to the members. Charles Luchsinger, National District Director representing New York gave a report on the latest issues within the breed. Luchsinger indicated that the breed continues to make significant gains in marketing using the P value calculation as an excellent ranking system for comparing the percentile rank of a replacement heifer to the P value of her peers born during the same year. Luchsinger also advised breeders there would likely be changes to the National Jersey tag system to integrate Radio-active Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies to the tags that would work in concert with the USDA program for the national identification. [Read more…]

To have my very own calf and the places we will go

CE-MR-2-Very own calfby Richard Smith, Saratoga County Extension Agent
To have my very own calf and the places we will go was the theme of this year’s Saratoga County 4-H Calf Scholarship winner’s essay. She is 11 year old Libby Swatling who packs a ton of enthusiasm in her small frame. Libby first became a dairy calf lover when she lived on a Saratoga County dairy farm. She was introduced to cows and calves and instantly fell in love with, as she puts it, “Brown Cow”, a Jersey in a herd of nearly all Holsteins. It is easy to understand Libby’s attraction to the unique animal in the group, but the bond grew as did Libby. She mentioned in her letter that she could still call to the now mature cow and the cow would respond to her even after she moved away from the farm. The old saying “you can take the person off the farm but can’t take the farm out of the person” is as true today as years ago.
This wonderful introduction to calves and cows is what fostered Libby to dream of owning her own calf someday. Thanks to this well established program within Saratoga County the dream was a possibility. Encouraged by several of the Dairy Club leaders and volunteers, Libby submitted an application essay.
It was extremely well written, heartwarming and clearly a winning essay if I ever saw one. She mentioned her early life and her relationship with “Brown Cow”. More importantly she stated her desire to learn all she can and excel in caring for her own calf. Libby participates in the Dairy Club meetings and activities. One in particular was the Capital District Regional Dairy Quiz Bowl where she and her fellow team members won the contest. They will attend the New York State Fair and do some contest demonstrations to fairgoers. Seth Wadsworth, Herd Manager of Eildon Tweed Farm, is the 4-H volunteer coach and has dedicated a great deal of time coaching this team. His wealth of knowledge and genuine nature of instruction is evidenced in the outstanding team that represents Saratoga County. [Read more…]

Ulster County 4-H Youth Program announces 2013 Master Showmanship winner

CE-FF-1-Master Showmanship1cNew Paltz, NY — Savannah Baker, 19, of High Falls, NY was awarded the 2013 4-H Master Showmanship title for this year’s Ulster County Fair on Sunday, Aug. 4.
Baker qualified for the contest by excelling in Senior Showmanship in the area of Dairy Cattle which enabled her to advance to the final competition which included showmanship for Horse, Dairy Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Poultry, Dogs, and Rabbits.
Savannah has been a member of Ulster County 4-H since the age of seven, making her an active member for 12 years. 2013 will be her final year in 4-H. Savannah is the daughter of Wade and Robin Baker.
“Being a part of 4-H is one of greatest things I’ve ever done. It has made me a better person and introduced me to new people and places. It’s such a great opportunity for youth,” Baker says. “Winning Master Showmanship means a great deal to me,” Baker added.
Savannah is a sophomore at SUNY Ulster majoring in Fine Arts with a focus on photography. She plans to major in photography at SUNY Purchase.
In her spare time, Savannah enjoys doing collage. She received an honorable mention for an altered collage book that she submitted to an exhibit at SUNY Ulster during her senior year at Rondout Valley High School. Baker was crowned the Dairy Princess of Ulster County in 2010. [Read more…]

Angus Glen Farm

CW-MR-1-Angus Glen Farmby Katie Navarra
Introduced to agriculture at a young age, Brett Chedzoy of Watkins Glen, NY, spent much of his youth split between his grandparents’ farms in Kansas and Upstate New York.
In the mid-1980’s, Brett’s parents, Jim and Rose, purchased a small dairy farm from friends who wanted to retire. The cattle were sold and the farm was dormant for nearly two decades until Brett and his wife, Maria Jose, returned to the area in 2002.
The husband and wife team shared a goal of creating a viable business for the farm. Pasture fed beef seemed to be the most practical option given that they were owners of an Angus operation in the Sierra Mountains of Central Argentina on land close to Maria Jose’s family’s beef ranch.
In 2009 the farm in Watkins Glen was officially named Angus Glen Farms LLC. “The name seemed appropriate because we raise black angus cattle and the farm is adjacent to the Watkins Glen State Park the second most visited park in New York State,” he said, “and the original grand prix course (for car racing) also runs through the middle of the farm.” [Read more…]

Steady Lane Farm

CN-MR-3-Steady Lane 3by Laura Rodley
High on a slope in Ashfield, MA is a contented herd of grazing cattle guarded by an eight year old jenny who doesn’t like dogs. Even so, the jenny shares guardianship duties with a well-mannered one and a half year old black and white English Shepherd named Emma. Emma shares herding duties with her owner, Janet Clark. Janet and her husband Norbert Salz, best known as Nort, have raised predominantly organic, grass-fed beef on their 70 acre Steady Lane Farm since purchasing it in 2001.
Fed no hormones or animal byproducts, their beef cuts are leaner than conventional, containing more Omega-3 oils and beta carotene. They supply Ashfield’s Elmer’s Store restaurant with brisket. Customers include River Valley Market among many others. [Read more…]