Massachusetts family shows Herefords at KILE

CN-MR-3-Massachusetts 1by Sally Colby
There are a lot of reasons to develop a preference for one particular breed of livestock over another. The Roberts family says that one reason they chose Herefords is simply because they like them.
The Roberts’ Bofat Hill Farm in Chesterfield, MA, is home to about 25 head of Hereford cattle. Although the family started with commercial Herefords, they’ve recently started to upgrade their herd with the purchase of registered stock. [Read more…]

Growing and harvesting hops

CN-MR-3-Growing and 1by Sanne Kure-Jensen
Ocean State Hops has brought hop farming back to Rhode Island. Brother-in-laws and co-owners, Matt Richardson and Joel Littlefield liked brewing hoppy homebrews and started growing their own hops in 2007. Since 2010, their ever-expanding hop yard allowed the team to offer excess hops to home brewers.
Since 2012 the Coastal Extreme Brewery, brewer of Newport Storm Beers, has been purchasing all of Ocean State Hops’ Chinook hops.

Ocean State Hops is the only hop farm in Rhode Island, growing on a quarter acre in Exeter. The hop yard expands each year and now has over 400 American hop plants in three varieties: Cascade, Chinook and Newport hops. [Read more…]

The Northeast Highland Cattle Association Fall Show

CN-MR-2-The Northeast 1by George Looby, DVM
The fall show of the Northeast Highland Cattle Association was held in the Mallary Arena located on the grounds of the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA Oct. 10-12. This show drew exhibitors from throughout the northeast, providing breeders the opportunity to compete against their peers, allowing winners to be recognized as the best in the region. Exhibitors were present from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and Pennsylvania with 15 farms represented. A total of 66 head were shown in 18 divisions. The judge for the event was Kevin Woolam associated with the Central Connecticut Co-op in Manchester, CT. [Read more…]

Next generation looks to robotic milking at Kooser Farms, LLC

CM-MR-3-Next generation 1by Jon M. Casey
At the open house and farm tour at the Center for Dairy Excellence, Joe Kooser was sharing his thoughts about his family farm’s upgrade to a robotic milking facility, featuring two, DeLaval VMS™ Robotic Milking systems. Joe explained to friends gathered nearby that his being able to attend this day’s events without worrying about the cows is one of the reasons that prompted him and his father Steve to switch to a robotic system after using a pipeline milking system for more than four decades.

Today, Joe and Steve are able to milk upwards of 120 cows. At the same time, they can do fieldwork as well as have free time to attend events. [Read more…]