Schnecksville Fair 2013 winners listed

CM-MR-2-Sch Fair 1The 30th Annual Schnecksville Community Fair recently took place in Schnecksville, PA, just seven miles north of Allentown in Lehigh County. The hard work of more than 100 volunteers brings this fair to life each year. Over 1,700 competitive items, including 619 animals, were entered. The theme of the fair was ‘Harvest Your Dreams.’
For the past few years the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has been recognizing ‘Outstanding Fair Ambassadors’ as they visit the many fairs in the state. At the opening ceremony held on Monday evening Mr. Boots Hetherington, Fair Fund administrator, presented Steve Reppert, Schnecksville, with this award. Steve has been involved with the fair for eight years, serving on the board of directors and maintaining the fair website. [Read more…]

Tioga County crowns 50th Dairy Princess

CW-MR-0-50th Tioga County D#200Submitted by Ruth Strong, Committee Chairman
The 50th Tioga County Dairy Princess Coronation was held on June 1, at the Countryside Community Center in Owego, NY. One-hundred-ten dinner guests were present for the delicious dinner as the three candidates presented their milk promotion speeches with much confidence and poise.
Each of the three candidates met individually with the judges before presenting well-prepared and very interesting speeches. Following judging, Kristy Alexander, daughter of Arlene and Michael Alexander of Barton was crowned the 2013-2014 Tioga County Dairy Princess by Taylor Mead, 2012-2013 Tioga County Dairy Princess. Alex Aman and Alexis Zuck were selected as 2013-2014 Tioga County Dairy Princess Alternates. [Read more…]

Wheel-View Farm

CN-MR-Wheel View 2by Laura Rodley
The Wheel-View Farm in Shelburne, MA has evolved since its inception in 1896, supporting four farming generations. Formerly the Reynolds Farms, for which their road is named, John and Carolyn Wheeler bought it from her parents, Harry and Betty Gowdy in 1979. They currently supply a niche market for grass-fed beef, using rotational grazing.
They renamed it Wheel-View Farm, due to its 360 degree vista views of Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut.
“We started out as a dairy farm. In 1988 we sold the cattle and got other jobs. We rented the fields to other farmers and did haying,” said Carolyn, and maple sugaring. “We couldn’t find anyone to help. We had gone one and half years without a day off, kids getting older, didn’t want to stay doing that.” Utilizing his business management degree, John obtained a teaching certificate, teaching computers at local Mohawk High School. Carolyn earned a Master’s Degree in teaching, and taught at Keene State College in New Hampshire. [Read more…]

Chicken parade appeals to visitors young and old

CN-MR-3-Chicken Parade 2by Sanne Kure-Jensen
For decades, families and students have visited Shelburne Farms to connect with animals, meet farmers and learn about the natural environment. After attending a program, families often enjoy a casual stroll across the extensive grounds. Many visit the farm’s gift shop to pick up some farmhouse cheddar cheese. Guests at the Inn at Shelburne Farms’ public restaurant can enjoy farm-raised organic produce, site-baked breads and pastries or grass-fed meats.
More than 3,600 members provides a strong base of support for the nonprofit organization, while its team of 17 educators offer programs from on-farm field trips to summer camps, preschool programs and year-round events. The various programs reach over 24,000 children each year. [Read more…]

Checking in on Oregon Dairy’s Family Farm Days

CM-MR-3-Checking in 2by Steve Wagner
There are perfect days for certain events, the kind of days people pray for to ward off rain and make it not too hot, when children and adults can have a good time and get an education as well. Oregon Dairy, located not far from the outskirts of Lancaster, PA, is one of those farms that always seem to be at the vanguard of agricultural issues, hosting seminars, earning awards, and being a good neighbor as well as a good steward of the land.
At Oregon Dairy’s Family Farm Days, the farm resembles an amusement park with heavy ag overtones. A lot of young people exercised their curiosity and their appetites. If a youth was genuinely interested in the farming process, having had no other exposure to it other than videos or reading material, a visit to Oregon is a wonderful primer. Farming is a challenge today, not only because of its inherent problems but now there are political adversities as well. However, it takes that kind of spirit to approach farming, particularly dairy farming, with realistic expectations. [Read more…]