How to host an engaging, informative and successful field day

C4-MR-2-Successful field day 2by Sanne Kure-Jensen

Do you want to share variety trial results, on-farm experiment results or great new equipment with fellow farmers? One great way is to invite fellow farmers or researchers over for a field visit. You might combine it with other topics and speakers for a four to six hour field day. [Read more…]

Annual Vermont Farm Show Kicks-Off Jan. 28

7603280As the Champlain Valley Expo prepares to host the 82st annual Vermont Farm Show January 28-30, organizers have announced an exciting line-up of exhibits and events.
This year’s show will feature more than 150 agricultural exhibits, ranging from tractors to livestock to cutting-edge equipment. For a full list of exhibitors ad their respective booth numbers, visit

A winter farrowing

CN-MR-2-A winter farrowing 1by Lorraine Strenkowski

With a little planning, a winter farrowing can be just as successful as a warm weather one. Sows’ living and birthing quarters should be top priority: warm, dry accommodations are the key components to the survival rate of sows and their piglets. Much like a human, a pig that gets cold and wet often gets sick. The common cold or even pneumonia is not unheard of and a pregnant sow can be much more vulnerable to the elements. [Read more…]

Maine Open Farm Days, 2013 Round-Up

by Terry Lynn Colligan
During the past three seasons, Maine farmers have played host to a number of Open Farm Day events across this state. These events have been held for the past 24 years. On certain selected weekends, Maine farmers open their farms to the public for the opportunity to experience a day in the life of a working farm. Open Farm Days help the consumer to learn more about local agriculture.

During 2013 nearly 100 Maine farmers participated in these events that were held on various dates during the year. [Read more…]