16th World Percheron Congress — Superbowl of the draft horse world

CF4-MR-4-Percheron511by Laura Rodley

You want the best on your team if you’re planning on competing in the World Percheron Congress. When Jane Gray of Trippcrest Farm in Harrison, Maine wanted someone to train her horses for the event in 2010, she contacted Chad and Rhonda Cole of Pennwood Percherons in Center Hall, PA and secured them as her trainers. Gray’s horses won. [Read more…]

Farmers, beware!

CM-MR-2-Beware1165by Steve Wagner

Pennsylvania State Representative Mindy Fee is wrapping up her first term in the General Assembly. In those two years she has tattooed her dynamic presence on the hearts and minds of her constituents. Born with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy and ideas, Fee fittingly was assigned at the beginning of her term to the House Agriculture Committee and came up with the notion of periodic Farmer’s Breakfasts at a restaurant in Manheim, PA. The breakfasts are sponsored by Penn-Ag Industries. [Read more…]

Manure management system evaluation

CEWN-MR-2-Manure1by Sanne Kure-Jensen

Livestock manure used to be considered waste. Today, landowners have many choices for handling manure using traditional waste storage structures, on-farm manure application and innovative manure management and treatment systems. The manure management needs and local regulations are unique to every farm. [Read more…]

Postharvest produce: storage wars

CEW-MR-1-Postharvest produceby Tamara Scully

Keeping produce fresh may be more challenging than growing it. Without proper storage, even the most fruitful harvest is going to be a bust. From high-tech refrigeration units and monitors to basic root cellars, successful storage depends on keeping produce fresh and healthy, and is the key to maximizing profits. [Read more…]

Stoughton Farm – more bang for the buck

CE-MR-3-Stoughton Farm2by Al Dorantes

This time of year pumpkins are everywhere. If you are sick of seeing the orange globes there is a place for you. Stoughton Farm located in Newark Valley, NY, has a Pumpkin Blaster and you can launch pumpkins out of the howitzer-like compressed-air cannon until your heart is content.

Stoughton Farm is a greenhouse, roadside farm market, and corn maze owned by Tim and Deb Stoughton. The farm has been in the family since 1913 and is on its 4th generation. Stoughton Farm grows and sells 10 greenhouses of annuals and perennials. Farm grown produce includes fresh greens, peas, beans sweet corn, summer squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, peppers, potatoes, Indian corn, winter squash, pumpkins and more. Stoughton Farm also has two large high tunnels that allow Fall Raspberry u-picking, rain or shine. In the fall Mums, asters, apples, cider, kettle corn and fudge are a few of the other fall favorites. Tim Stoughton said, “We grow what we can. Take care of it the best we know.” [Read more…]