Beef and rumors of beef

CM-MR-2-Beef and 2by Steve Wagner
In general, learning experiences about agriculture somehow seem more effective when offered in an idyllic setting like a farm. The 2013 Pennsylvania Beef Producers Summit was held at the Masonic Village Farm in Elizabethtown, PA beneath a gray cloud bank that afforded light and sporadic rainfall during the first session in the farm’s barn. Gatherings like this encourage self-scrutiny, putting the industry under the microscope.
Under the blanket of Beef Quality Assurance, the first session was offered by BQA Specialist Nichole Hockenberry who began by asking if anybody knew why BQA was initiated in the first place. Not knowing how to cook is one reason. “Overcooking or undercooking,” said Hockenberry. “A study showed that one out of every four individuals that ordered meat, or beef, at a restaurant had some sort of unpleasant eating experience. That was often due to injection site lesions.” [Read more…]

Award winners shine at 50th All-American Dairy Show

“The Pennsylvania All-American Dairy Show is a new venture. It is designed to fill a need that has been apparent for some years. Until now, our (Pennsylvania) dairy farmers have had to take their cattle to other states to benefit from the comparisons and competition that open, national shows provide. Farmers and breeders from other states and Canada have never had the opportunity to bring their best animals into competition with native Pennsylvania until now.”
That paragraph appeared in the first catalog for what is now known as the All-American Dairy Show (AADS). Since its inception, the show has grown to a premier venue for dairy producers across the nation to exhibit and compare dairy cattle.
The first AADS, which was held in 1964 at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA, drew 2,400 dairy animals representing the major dairy breeds.
“The quality of animals and the organization of events are simply fantastic,” said Pennsylvania Secretary of Ag George Greig as he commented on the show and those who make it possible. “Any of us who have worked in organizations, whether it’s Farm Bureau, Lion’s Club, Grange, or church groups knows that these events don’t just happen. People who work behind the scenes don’t get a lot of credit — it’s great to see them get credit.” [Read more…]

Angus along the Hudson

CEW-MR-3-Angus along Hu#101Breeders of Angus cattle from across the U.S. came to Albany, NY for their breed’s association conference and to tour some of New York State’s eastern herds from Aug. 28 to 30.

by Steven E Smith
Backed by rich history that is combined with an excitement about the future, Eastern NY breeder herds coupled with support from the New York Angus Association to host the National Angus Conference and Tour. The three-day event served as an outstanding educational and networking opportunity for members in attendance. Conference speakers articulated current positions on the specific topics of breed genomics and Angus marketing and on wider range topics such as agricultural advocacy to inspiring leadership. [Read more…]

Cayuga County 4-H Dairy Show results 2013

CEW-MR-2-4H Dairy Show 1CThe Cayuga County 4-H Dairy Show took place at the Remember the Big Six Picnic & 4-H Youth Fair event, which was held at the Ward O’Hara Agricultural Museum & Dr. Joseph Karpinski Educational Center on Route 38A, Auburn. A total of 31 Cayuga County 4-H members participated in this show. [Read more…]

2013 Herkimer County Family Day at the Farm attracts whole families

CE-MR-3-Herkimer Family4by Elizabeth A. Tomlin
There was something for everyone at the 4th annual Herkimer County Family Day at the Farm on Aug. 24.
Children of all ages participated in pedal tractor races, sack races, egg and spoon races, Hula-Hoop contests and tug-of-war contests. Farrier demonstrations, many different vendors, and a cow-milking contest drew large audiences and everyone was delighted to test the varieties of milk shakes for the milk shake contest.
The event, which was hosted by Raycliff Quarter Horse Farm’s Ray Hulten and Judy Mijares with help from the town of Manheim, Herkimer County Dairy Promotion, Herkimer County Farm Bureau and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Herkimer County, attracted a large crowd — even though it had been moved from October to August.
“We just had to get out of that cold wet weather,” said Hulten, who has been hosting the county event for the past four years.
The free family event attracts Amish as well as “English” and Hulten says he likes the idea of the two groups mingling and relaxing together. [Read more…]