Farming Protected Land Workshop

CN-MR-2-Farming Protected 2by George Looby, DVM
In October the first of a series of three statewide workshops was held at the Senexet Grange in Woodstock, CT to discuss the workings of the several land trust programs existing within the state and means of achieving greater uniformity and clarity in the way in which they are presented to the land owners who may be interested in participating. This series of meetings was developed by the American Farmland Trust (ATF) in partnership with the Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) and the Connecticut Farmland Trust (CFT) to develop model easement terms and conditions to include in conservation easements that are protecting land for agricultural use. [Read more…]

Holstein triplets born at Lampkin’s Dairy Farm

CEW-MR-2-Holstein triplets3aby Elizabeth A. Tomlin

This year Halloween surprised Laurie and Melvin Lampkin III with what turned out to be a trick and a treat all in one, when one of their Holsteins presented them with triplets — three adorable calves.

Laurie, who is primarily the caretaker of the calves at Lampkin’s Dairy Farm, was the first one to discover them. “She had them all on her own,” Laurie said. “I just went in and found them all together.” [Read more…]

How sweet it is: Goat milk caramels at Big Picture Farm

CN-MR-3-How sweet 2by Laura Rodley
When Louisa Conrad and Lucas Farrell came to Peaked Mountain Farm in Townshend, VT three years ago to help with farm-caretaking, they didn’t know that they would start a thriving candy business, selling award winning caramels made from their own goat’s milk online and wholesale to 200 stores nationwide. They had an inkling only of a small business when they took on caretaking of sheep for the sheep dairy with permission to bring their own goats.

Since then, they have purchased 87 acres of the farm on top of steep Peaked Mountain Road, renamed it Big Picture Farm, and have four full time employees. [Read more…]

Celebrating Agriculture 2013

CN-MR-3-Celebrating 1by George Looby, DVM
For the past dozen years a group of interested citizens in the Town of Woodstock, CT have sponsored and produced an event which they call Celebrating Agriculture. The day focuses strictly on the people in Woodstock and surrounding communities who earn their living working in one of the many phases of agriculture. [Read more…]

Fiber Festival of New England

CN-MR-2-Fiber Festival 1by George Looby, DVM
The many varied facets of New England agriculture was never more evident than on the weekend of Nov. 2-3, when producers of products made from animal fiber filled the Mallary Pavilion located on the grounds of the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA.

Today every New England State has a group of sheep breeders who promote the products those animals provide and these people were very much in evidence at this show. In recent years Alpacas have assumed an important role as a source of fiber for the production of a wide variety of articles. [Read more…]