The divine road less traveled

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by KC Kinder, Freelance Writer
It has been said that a man has not truly lived until he has lived for something.
For the founders of Spectrum™ Premium Non-GMO seed, Linden, IN, no truer words have been spoken. [Read more…]

Walktober 2013

CN-MR-3-Walktober 1by George Looby, DVM
In the northeast corner of Connecticut, nestled close to the borders of both Massachusetts and Rhode Island, is the so-called Quiet Corner. This region is not only known as the Quiet Corner but also as the Last Green Valley, so designated by an act of Congress in 1994, recognizing this unique area as the Quinnebaug and Shetucket Rivers Valley National Heritage Corridor. It is one of the last relatively undeveloped areas of almost 696,000 acres remaining in the Washington D.C. to Boston corridor with 78 percent of its area forested or farmland. Some 35 towns in eastern Connecticut and south-central Massachusetts constitute this rather remarkable piece of real estate. [Read more…]

Small yogurt processor finds success

CN-MR-2-Small yogurt 1by Jane Primerano
On a winding lane off Fairground Road in West Newbury, VT, a sign warns “Not a Thru Road, Your GPS is Wrong.”

Should a visitor continue up the lane anyway, he or she would come upon a sprawling contemporary house, a small enclosure for chickens and another lane headed to a barn. This is the home of Green Mountain Yogurt, the smallest Grade A Dairy in the Green Mountain State. [Read more…]

Rededication of the W.B. Young Building at UConn

CN-MR-2-Rededication 2by George Looby, DVM
For the past 63 years the W.B. Young Building on the campus of the University of Connecticut has served as the center of activity for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources serving the many needs of the college. In this building are housed the administrative offices, the extension service, classrooms, laboratories, support staff and others. The Young Building was erected during the period of rapid expansion in the immediate post-World War II period to fill the needs of a university that was growing at rapid rate to accommodate the needs of returning veterans who benefited from the GI Bill. [Read more…]

Value-added family dairy

CM-MR-1-Value addedby Tamara Scully
MARYLAND — The Kilby family has been dairying for over 100 years. The current dairy was established in 1961, and has been growing ever since. The family sells their milk directly from the farm to local customers. They also make their own dairy products, and even offer home delivery. They sell at farmers markets, and have wholesale accounts.

“We love that Kilby Cream is able to provide local, farm fresh products to our customers’ doors,” Kilby representative Stacy Stearrett said. “It is an affordable alternative to purchasing from the chain markets.” [Read more…]