Cowbella upholds tradition with farm-fresh products

CE-MR-2-Cowbella11by Sally Colby

As a sixth-generation farmer raising the seventh generation on the family’s Jefferson, NY, farm, Shannon Mason believes that the legacy left by her forebears is what provided a strong foundation for the family’s successful business. [Read more…]

North American Manure Expo enjoys ideal venue

CEW-MN-MR-5-Manure-Expo1761by Jon M. Casey

For the more than 1,500 estimated attendees who made the 2015 North American Manure Expo their destination July 14 or 15, the event held at a site provided by Lesher Farms, was without question one of the more ideal venues this event has enjoyed since its inception in the early 2000s. From the farm tours to dairy, beef and equine facilities to the solid an liquid manure spreading equipment field day demonstrations at the exhibit site, producers were able to get up close to the action as seen in the accompanying photos. More importantly, the weather cooperated with two days of ideal weather to attend this well-organized event. [Read more…]

Henhawk Acres Produce Stand

by Anne Smith

Take a ride down Route 16 and make a right hand turn on Genesee Road and you will find one of the nicest Produce Stands in Erie County, Hen-Hawk Acres. [Read more…]

Atherton Farm

CN-MR-3-ATHERTON-FARM_7701by Laura Rodley

One of the benefits of having your farm on a busy thoroughfare is that your farmstand doesn’t need advertising, as the produce is set up and clearly visible from the road. Location is prime for Atherton Farm, owned by Susan Atherton. It’s on busy Route 112, with easy access for people to stop in. Plus, for people choosing to support sustainability, she has no commute, as she grows over 1,000 tomato plants to sell, along with hay, other produce and flowers right at the farm, so there no trucking them in or plastic packaging. [Read more…]