New equipment, less work: making a hay farm work

ce-mr-27-3-shariff2743by Michael Wren

CANAJOHARIE, NY — Doreen and Kal Shariff have owned and operated the family farm in Canajoharie for several years. When taking over the farm, the Shariffs were faced with a dilemma of how to operate a farm while also holding down a full time job. The answer was to simply focus on what they could do in their spare time and keep the farm in operation. [Read more…]

NODPA holds annual Field Days

cew-mr-3-34-nodpa-field-days9783by Sally Colby

Those who traveled to Chambersburg, PA for the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance annual Field Days, held on Sept. 29 and 30 found that attending the two-day event was time well spent.

Participants had the option of touring the Trickling Springs Creamery plant prior to the first session. Trickling Springs is a relatively young company, established in 2001, and provides an outlet for organic farmers who produce clean (low somatic cell count) milk. [Read more…]

Arrowhead Acres

cn-go-mr-25-3-arrowhead-acresby Lorraine Strenkowski

With a major in Horticulture and a minor in Ag-Business Management from the University of Connecticut, 22-year-old Mackenzie Beckwith transformed her great-grandfather’s dairy barn into an inviting farm store.  Arrowhead Acres offers products from over 10 different local businesses/farmers as well as other artisan crafters.  Cookies, muffins, pies, stuffed breads, soup and many other goodies are made right in the store, with much of the produce that’s grown on the property. [Read more…]

Fat Chance Farm taking a large part of a small market

cm-hr-mr-49-4-kris-morris-2382by Hope Holland

Maryland is well known for Thoroughbred racing but what many people don’t know about this small state is that it is also exceedingly well known for its show ponies.

In Maryland, there are certain farms and families who have dedicated their lives to the breeding, finding, buying and making of this pony royalty. One such family is comprised of Kris Morris and her two children, Harrison and Jacqueline, working from their Fat Chance Farm in the Bel Air area. [Read more…]

Preventing barn fires

cn-mr-28-1-preventing-barn-firesby George Cook, Extension Farm Safety Specialist, University of Vermont

While we don’t hear about barn fires often, they do happen. And when they do, there is usually heavy damage not only to the barn but also to attached buildings, livestock, tools and equipment stored in or near the barn along with personal loss and livelihood. Taking a few simple steps can help you prevent tragic losses in the event of a fire.

Start by installing a reflective E911 sign with street number by the entrance to your farm or driveway, just like those bright green signs for road identification. If you need information, contact your town office, fire department or rescue squad. [Read more…]