Enjoying KILE’s Farm City Day

CDM-MR-2-KILE-FARM-CITY-1191by Steve Wagner

Students from across five Pennsylvania counties discovered agriculture at the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s 19th Farm City Day during the Keystone International Livestock Exposition at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg. [Read more…]

Over the moon

CN-MR-3-OVER-THE-MOON_1741by Laura Rodley

Winning fever ran high at the Eastern States Exposition affectionately known as the Big E. Over in the Mallory Building, cattle were being powdered, clipped, blow dried and polished as though being prepared for a wedding. Instead, they entered the show ring to meet the judges. Attended by 352,175 people by the end of Tuesday, Sept. 22, the fair ends Oct. 4.   [Read more…]

Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm thrives with diverse and dynamic enterprises

CN-MR-2-TANGERINI_07181by Sanne Kure-Jensen

Diversity is important in ecosystems, stock portfolios and farm sustainability. The Tangerini family demonstrates success with diverse enterprises at their 67-acre farm in Millis, MA. Neighbors and visitors treasure the open space and support this diverse agricultural operation west of Boston. Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm is a model for open space preservation for landowners who want to see their land remain productive while sharing it with future generations. [Read more…]