Employee retention and motivation

cm-mr-39-1-employee-retentio1nby Michael Wren

As small family farms become larger and more profitable they begin to hire more and more employees to help with the extra work. However, many farmers have never had multiple employees and find it hard to manage and retain them. Whether you employ five people or 500 people, managing them will be crucial to running your business. [Read more…]

KILE 2016 – Farm City Day

Pennsylvania’s Dairy Princess Halee Wasson, who is studying ag education, takes the opportunity to educate kids of all ages and backgrounds.by Steve Wagner
In the week preceding Farm City Day, at the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE), I received an email touting the benefits of technology in agriculture. “Farmers in third world countries can then become managers of their fields instead of working all day in the fields,” it proclaimed. “Right now, 30 percent of all agricultural surfaces are used for cows. [Read more…]

Young showman gains experience at Keystone

cw-mr-3-brendan-pimm9917by Sally Colby

A young man patiently works a canvas hood over his sheep’s head, then makes sure all the straps and buckles on the canvas blanket that covers the animal’s body are untangled and properly fastened. The sheep stands patiently, and that’s because its owner has spent a lot of time training prior to show time. [Read more…]

Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship provides dairy farmers opportunity

cew-mr-2-cade1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

The first of three, free, incubator workshops focusing on added value dairy products offered by Center for Agricultural Development and Entrepreneurship (CADE) took place on Oct. 3.

“Dairy farmers are currently having a difficult time covering the costs of production,” said CADE’s Executive Director Rebecca Morgan. “Dairy value added product development makes sense as a more viable direction for many dairy farmers. [Read more…]

The 60th Pennsylvania Dairy Princess Coronation

cew-mr-26-3-60th-pa-dairy913by Steve Wagner

The first thing regular attendees to this year’s coronation might have noticed is a general upgrading of the quality in the trimmings of the affair. At the doors outside the banquet room stood an easel with a diagram of table locations so ticket holders could see before entering exactly where they were located. “In previous years,” said PA Dairy Princess Promotion Services Administrative Director Laura Daubert, “not doing that seemed to translate into a minor disaster.” [Read more…]