Western Edition

It’s good news

by Troy Bishopp

ONEONTA, NY — The lovable, iconic dog, Snoopy, will forever be remembered for saying, “Keep looking up, that’s the secret to life.” For New York farmers and communities along the creeks, rivers and tributaries that feed the mighty Susquehanna River Basin and finally the Chesapeake Bay, the water quality is also getting a thumb’s up. [Read more…]

Weather extremes and livestock

by Tamara Scully

“Climate is an issue when it comes to managing animals,” Michael Westendorf, Extension Specialist, Department of Animal Science at Rutgers University, said in a recent webinar presentation.

Every species handles temperature extremes in a different manner. [Read more…]

The VFD is almost here

Part 1: background and basics pertaining to beef cattle

by Sally Colby

Beef producers saw some of the drugs they use fall under the veterinary feed directive (VFD) on Oct. 15, but on Jan. 1, the final rule will be in full effect.

Dr. Doug Hufstedler, nutrition and beef advisor at Elanco Animal Health, provides some background on the VFD that will affect producers in just a few weeks. [Read more…]

Ag Advisory Committee taps Trent Loos

cew-mr-55-1-trent-loos222by Sally Colby

The list of names reads like a list of who’s who in agriculture, an assortment of names from across the country; all of whom have been deeply involved in some form of agriculture for most of their lives. The list is the recently named Agricultural Advisory Committee, formed by President-elect Donald Trump to pioneer new ideas that will strengthen the nation’s ag industry and support rural communities. [Read more…]

Supplementing grazing dairy cows: economics

cew-mr-1-supplementing-grazing1by Tamara Scully

Grazing cows is a requirement for organic milk producers. Organic milk must come from cows that receive no less than 30 percent of their dry matter intake (DMI) from pasture forage during the grazing season, and are actively grazing on pasture for at least 120 days, or as long as possible in the region. Feeding grain is allowed. [Read more…]