Forage suitability groups: finally taking root?

C4-MR-2-Forage suitability 1by Tamara Scully

“There are very few states where Natural Resources Conservation Services staff have developed and completed all Forage Suitability Groups (FSGs) for their state,” Kevin Ogles, grazing specialist with NRCS said. “There are not any NRCS states in the Eastern U.S. that have completed them. However, recently most Eastern U.S. NRCS states have begun the process and will have them completed in a few years.” [Read more…]

Is the team approach right for your dairy?

C4-MR-1-Is the team 1by Sally Colby

While the ‘team’ concept might sound like something from a sports league, the term also applies to dairies that want to work together for everyone’s good.

Dairy profit teams have been used effectively on dairies of many sizes. Dairies that have formed teams have found that team approach help everyone who is associated with that farm: the veterinarian, lender, nutritionist, agronomist all work together effectively for better profit. [Read more…]

No Farmers, No Food calendar

CN-MR-3-No Farmers 3by Melody Reynolds

For many years, Santa’s Elves has been working with chefs, local businesses and farmers to feed Rhode Island’s homeless population. The mission started with a woman who wanted to provide meals, toiletries and clothing to Rhode Island homeless and to assist families with children at Christmas. [Read more…]

Eastern Connecticut’s hoof trimmer

CN-MR-2-Eastern 1by Lorraine Strenkowski

Richard Weingart grew up on a dairy farm in North Franklin, CT. In 1986, after his father’s decision to take advantage of the government’s buy-out program, Richard, 27 years old at the time, found himself a farmer without a farm. In keeping with his agricultural background, Weingart sought out and apprenticed with a hoof trimmer. You might think ‘horses’ but this trimmer was strictly dealing with cows. After two months of actively pursuing his goal, Weingart felt confident enough to continue on his own. [Read more…]

Close attention at calving time pays off

C4-MR-3-Close attention 1by Sally Colby

When there’s trouble during a calving, someone on the farm is usually willing and able to don an obstetric sleeve and help that cow safely deliver the calf. But the decision to assist a cow should be a part of careful observation skills and overall good cow sense. [Read more…]