Selling Connecticut: More on the Connecticut Agriculture Commission Conference

CN-MR-2-CT AGPartTwo1by George Looby, DVM

Continued from last week’s coverage on the Connecticut Agriculture Commission Conference.

John Waite, Executive Director of the Franklin County Community Development Corporation, greeted afternoon attendees following the lunch break at the the Third Annual Connecticut Agriculture Commission Conference on Saturday, April 5 in Hampton, CT. Waite manages the New England Food Processors in western Massachusetts, which processes raw ingredients from local farms to create value added product. Working agreements are made with each farmer selling to the processor. In season, this plant processes 2000-3000 lbs. of produce daily. [Read more…]

Manure injection for ammonia conservation

CEWM-MR-2-Manure injection411by Sally Colby

It’s a given that manure application has the potential to cause conflict with neighbors, but it can also cause conflicts between the farm’s nutrient management plan and its conservation plan.

Doug Beegle, who conducted manure research at Penn State University, says nutrient management plans often recommend manure incorporation, but the conservation plan for the farm will often recommend no-till. [Read more…]

Preparing a market lamb for show season

CEWN-MR-2-Preparing 1by Sally Colby

Competing in market lamb and showmanship classes is hard work, but that work pays off. Proper fitting of a market lamb for the show ring involves a sound feed and exercise program as well as grooming preparation before the show.

Start the season with a calendar — mark down the dates of every show you plan to attend, from local to regional or even national. Select lambs that have the frame and growth potential that will keep them gaining steadily until show or market time. When you purchase the lamb, request a record of the lamb’s health, including the dates of immunizations and dewormings. Ask which product was used for deworming so that you can switch to a different product if necessary. Most club lambs require a CD&T booster as well as regular deworming. Watch withdrawal dates on all medications, and use clean needles and proper technique when administering vaccines. [Read more…]

Five generations of farmers at 4 Town Farm

CN-MR-2-FiveGen1by Sanne Kure-Jensen

The owners of 4 Town Farm know their customers value a “farm experience,” not just fresh food, fabulous flowers or perfect plants. This family-owned, diversified produce farm, located just a few miles from downtown Providence, RI, owes its repeat visitors to its superb customer communication practices, which make for a day of family fun. [Read more…]

Selling Local Agriculture

CN-MR-2-CT AG1by George Looby, DVM

The Third Annual Connecticut Agriculture Commission Conference was held on April 5 at EastConn located in Hampton, CT.

Chairman John Gudskowski opened the Conference with words of welcome to those in attendance and then introduced Commissioner of Agriculture Steven Revizcky who gave the audience an update on some of the happenings in his department. He noted that Connecticut has experienced a 22 percent increase in the number of farms since the time of the last survey and a significant increase in the acreage under cultivation. New England as a region has undergone a significant increase in both areas but not as dramatic as that which has taken place in Connecticut. Nationally the number of farms has declined by 4 percent. The commissioner went on to say that the Governor’s Council for Agricultural Development is now functioning as originally designed and is making significant contributions. [Read more…]