Navigating and negotiating permits and regulations key in promoting agritourism

CF4-GR--MR-4-NAVIGATING-PERMITSby Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Opening your agricultural doors and inviting the public in to enjoy a day in the country touring your farm, picking their own fruit and vegetables, or other events to promote your farm and agriculture in general may sound like a great way to drum up business.

Did you know if you don’t make special handicap accommodations you can be sued (of course these suits always include attorney’s fees)? [Read more…]

Franklin County 4-H Fair

CN-MR-27-3-Franklin-County-Fair-8398by Laura Rodley  

Lessons in gentleness and creativity were apparent in the rabbit building at the Franklin County 4-H Fair as participants dressed their small rabbits in homemade costumes.

Maggie Brisbois, of Chesterfield, age 13, transformed her tortoiseshell colored Dutch Rabbit named Double Stuffed into an M&M™ at the fair held June 25. She has previously dressed up her other rabbit, also a tortoiseshell Dutch Rabbit (Oreo) as a knight and Sir Hops-a lot as Super Rabbit. [Read more…]

Path to Profitability: Making organic dairying work


The Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative “Path to Profitability on an Organic Dairy,” workshop was held in Penn Yann, NY recently. Featured speaker was Dr. Larry Tranel, Iowa State University Extension & Outreach Dairy Specialist. Originally organized to offer remote access via webinar, technical difficulties prevented that from happening. Fay Benson, Project Manager of the New York Organic Dairy Initiative Program (NYODP) is attempting to schedule another webinar with Dr. Tranel later this year. [Read more…]

You know it’s American-grown when you pick your own

CN-MR-38-2-Dame-Farm6234by Kristen M. Castrataro

What do you do when your available farmland decreases by 70 percent in one year, and the remaining 30 percent is half woodlands or stone fields? If you’re Jay, Darlene, Justin and Amy Dame in Johnston, RI, you turn to pick-your-own.

Ancestors of the Dame family, the Browns, have lived on the current farm since the 1840s. At that time, the farm had a few cows but primarily sustained itself as a market garden farm selling to local Mom and Pop stores. [Read more…]

Fifteenth annual Strolling of the Heifers

CN-MR-41-3-Fifteenth-Annual-Strolling-7567by Laura Rodley

Thousands attended the 15th annual Strolling of the Heifers last month. The event is great for Brattleboro Vermont’s businesses where the three-day event is held, great for agriculture, great for cows, great for 4-H clubs and great for the children who led the parade with their cows and calves.

Charlie Robb Sr. of Robb Family Farm in West Brattleboro drove his John Deere tractor with his wife Helen beside him, pulling the Stroll float toward the beginning of Saturday’s parade, after the heifers. [Read more…]