Cold weather management for animals

CEWM-MR-1-Cold weather animalsBy George Looby, DVM

Global warming aside, the winter of 2013-2014 is shaping up to go on record as one of the harshest in decades and all domestic creatures exposed to its rigors need help in making adjustments to survive the elements. Animal owners are generally well tuned to the precautions necessary to help insure that their pets and livestock are comfortable during the heat waves of summer but are perhaps less concerned during the winter months.

Life pies served up at Vermont grazing conference

CEN-MR-4-Life pies 3by Troy Bishopp

FAIRLEE, VT— The menu at this year’s 18th annual Vermont Grazing and Livestock Conference had over 300 farmers from around the Northeast munching on grazing, soil health, financial and life goal entrees rich in practical knowledge. Complementing the enthusiasm for this whole farm decision-making focus were delicious local food choices and the ever popular ice cream social that filled participants’ stomachs and minds with a new perspective for the future of grass-based farming. [Read more…]

Blame it on REO: an Avian REO virus update

C4-MR-2-Blame it 2by Steve Wagner

REO virus is a malady that appears and goes away, only to re-appear now and then, here and there, seemingly defying any pattern of severity or species. It is so hard to spot that often only vigilant farmers and/or veterinarians who conduct more than cursory examinations are likely to become suspicious of an REO virus presence. At a recent annual Penn-Ag sponsored Meat & Egg Meeting held at Shady Maple in Lancaster County PA, Dr. Donna Kelly, interim head of Clinical Microbiology at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Veterinary Medicine PADLS New Bolton Center, brought an audience up to speed on the REO. [Read more…]

Mother Nature meets her match in Hunt Farm

CN-MR-3-Mother Nature 1by Laura Rodley

All farmers know that Mother Nature is unpredictable and try to work within her good grace and confines, no matter what weather she delivers. What is predictable on George Hunt Jr.’s Hunt Farm, a dairy farm in Orange, MA, is that calves are born all year long that keep the cows circulating in steady milk production, three calves a week. On Jan. 1, two calves were born and one expected any minute on Jan. 2, with temperatures expected to reach 15 below F. [Read more…]