The Hebron Harvest Fair

CN-MR-4-Hebron2by George Looby

What started out many years ago as a small community fair has grown into an important annual autumn event in Connecticut. The Hebron Lions Club is the driving force behind the Hebron Harvest Fair, which is probably one of the largest events managed by any Lions Club in the state. The Lions Club recruits volunteers from throughout the community, making it a true all-town production. In keeping with the spirit of Lionism worldwide, proceeds in excess of expenses are donated to a variety of worthy activities throughout the area. [Read more…]

Bee Tree Trail Percherons

CM-MR-3-Percheron405by Bill and Mary Weaver

Dave and Susie Rohrbach have built their life-long passion for horses into a highly successful — if unusual — business that allows them to spend their time doing what they love. They have been successful because they understand that for many people, special events can be enhanced by the addition of horses. [Read more…]

The Woodstock Fair

CN-MR-4-Woodstock4by George Looby, DVM

Each year, in the days and weeks leading up to Labor Day weekend, the town of Woodstock, CT springs to life in preparation for the annual Woodstock Agricultural Fair. The 2014 fair opened on Friday, Aug. 29 and closed on the evening of Monday, Sept. 1. The estimated attendance was 150,000.

The Woodstock Agricultural Fair is presented by the Woodstock Agricultural Society. It is a New England Country Fair in every sense of the word, featuring all levels of poultry and livestock competition, an excellent horse show, competition among both hobby and commercial fruit and vegetable growers and a host of other competitions. [Read more…]

The Big E celebrates Green Pastures

CN-MR-5-GreenPast6715by Lorraine Strenkowski

The New England Green Pastures Committee honored their 2014 Outstanding Dairy Farms at the Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) on Friday, Sept. 12. One farm from each New England state is chosen by committee and awarded each year for their pasture quality and forage management, production, herd/milk quality, financial stability and community involvement.

Each of the winners were asked to put together a 10 minute PowerPoint “tour” that introduced themselves, their farms and their farming techniques and specialties. Winners were also awarded an engraved silver pitcher and barn sign. [Read more…]

Markets for bioenergy crops

CEWM-MR-1-Bioenergy2by Tamara Scully

With the increased focus, over the past several years, on growing crops for the bioenergy sector, producers who opted to pursue this market may now be seeing crops, such as perennial grasses or woody crops, reach full maturity. But they may have yet to develop a reliable, stable market for these crops. Perennial grasses and woody biomass crops such as shrub willow, poplar or eucalyptus take several years to establish, and may require specific equipment for harvesting, leaving a farmer with a negative return on their investment if he hasn’t developed a viable market. [Read more…]