New cover crop termination policy

CN-MR-1-New cover crop 1by Sanne Kure-Jensen

Cover crops are gaining popularity as a way to improve soils, drought resistance and cash crop yields. Grasses, legumes and forbs can be used as cover crops. To protect crop insurance eligibility, farmers must understand and carefully follow the NRCS Cover Crop Termination Guidelines including the termination periods. [Read more…]

Sorting through the proposed FSMA rule for animal food

by Sally Colby

Anyone involved with food production has likely heard about the proposed Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), the most comprehensive makeover of the nation’s food safety laws. With numerous listening sessions in the books and the comment period for the livestock feed rule drawing to a close, numerous questions remain unanswered. [Read more…]

Your new account is just a phone call away

CN-MR-3-Your new 1by Laura Rodley

Are you a Massachusetts farmer that wants to sell your product to a school and don’t know how to do it? Are you a Massachusetts school food service provider and want to know how to connect to a local farmer to provide your wares? All it takes is a phone call to the Amherst-based Massachusetts Farm to School Project to connect you to each other.

For the past three weeks, Michael DeChiara, resident of Shutesbury, MA, has been immersing himself in his new role as the project’s new executive director, overseeing their vital connection as intermediary since Dec. 2. [Read more…]

An update on the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project

by George Looby, DVM

For several years, the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project has been aiding individuals wishing to get started in farming with the information, support and training that they need to make the transition from their present line of work into the some area of agriculture. With headquarters in Lowell, MA this organization serves to assist those individuals in the greater Lowell area who wish to explore farming as a career field and acquire the necessary skills to make their choice a successful one. In the early years of its development the program’s focus was to help immigrant farmers make the anticipated difficult transition from the methods they used in their homeland to the technology used in this country. Today the scope of the program has expanded so that anyone with an interest can make use of the New Entry Program. [Read more…]

Benefits of cover crops

by Sanne Kure-Jensen

More and more growers are planting cover crops to improve soil moisture, reduce erosion and maximize profits. Cover crops can include grasses, legumes and forbs planted for seasonal cover. Over time, using cover crops improves yields, organic matter and soil water conservation. This change is most noticeable with diverse crop rotation. [Read more…]