Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm thrives with diverse and dynamic enterprises

CN-MR-2-TANGERINI_07181by Sanne Kure-Jensen

Diversity is important in ecosystems, stock portfolios and farm sustainability. The Tangerini family demonstrates success with diverse enterprises at their 67-acre farm in Millis, MA. Neighbors and visitors treasure the open space and support this diverse agricultural operation west of Boston. Tangerini’s Spring Street Farm is a model for open space preservation for landowners who want to see their land remain productive while sharing it with future generations. [Read more…]

Vermonters rack up awards at Big E 4-H Dairy Show

CN-DY-1-VT-DAIRY-WINNERS_011BURLINGTON, VA — Vermont had a strong showing at the regional 4-H dairy show at Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA, Sept. 19-20.

University of Vermont (UVM) Extension 4-H selected 30 4-H’ers to represent Vermont at the show. They competed in both fitting and showmanship classes, where exhibitors are judged on their poise and presentation and handling of their animal, and in conformation classes, where the animal is evaluated on body condition and appearance. Awards also were presented by breed for state herds with Vermont winning first place for Brown Swiss and Holstein and fourth for Ayrshire. [Read more…]

State dairy 4-H’ers compete in various events at Big E

BURLINGTON, VA — Several Vermont 4-H’ers had an opportunity to represent the state in dairy competitions at Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA recently.

In the general dairy knowledge contest, held Sept. 17, Maggie Kirby of East Montpelier placed fifth overall in the senior division. Sharon Palmer of Weybridge came in 7th. In the junior division, Elizabeth Menard of Fairfield was 7th and Lillianne Seward of East Wallingford, 9th. All dairy exhibitors were required to take part in this contest. [Read more…]

Public welcome to visit new facility for NH Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory

CN-RP-1-NH-NEW-VET-LAB_11Open House set for Oct. 14

DURHAM, NH — The University of New Hampshire and the State of New Hampshire will celebrate the opening of the new facility for the New Hampshire Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (NHVDL) at a public open house Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2015.

The open house will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the new facility near the Macfarlane Greenhouses at Main Street and North Drive. Following a welcome from key personnel involved with the project, the public is invited to tour the facility. [Read more…]

Farmers and Wildlife: finding the balance

CN-FH-1-Farmers-and-wildlife11by Tamara Scully

Wherever wildlife has interfered with man, we’ve seen the decline of targeted species. Wolves, coyotes, bear, mountain lion and other higher-level predators have all historically suffered a reduction in their natural ranges when their presence has caused livestock or crop losses. And, as the loss of forested and farmland acreage has accelerated across the country, remaining populations have been put in closer and closer contact with human activities, particularly in the densely populated portions of the Northeast. [Read more…]