Meeting consumers’ high standard

CM-MR-32-2-Meeting-consurmers2by George Looby, DVM

Consumers today are much better informed when it comes to matters of nutrition and food safety than were preceding generations. This is due in large measure to the work of food scientists whose understanding of food microbiology continues to expand. Despite this ever-expanding body of knowledge, hazards continue to exist in the food chain that pose a potential threat to the consumer. [Read more…]

Moving mountains and the Spartan Races

CN-MR-30-3-Moving-Mountains7920by Laura Rodley

Oftentimes, the amount of work farmers do feels like moving mountains: haying fields, milking cows, managing the bills, the responsibility of securing a farm’s future by diversifying. But for third generation farmer Phillip Stevens of Carter and Stevens Farm in Barre, MA, the mountain he had to move was himself. He had fallen off a roof 14 years ago while repairing the shingles on a barn and shattered both calcaneus bones, an injury commonly referred to as “roofers’ heel”. [Read more…]

Sponsorship efforts produce $7,500 in prizes at Massachusetts Quarter Horse Show

CN-38-3-MQHA-horse-show4508-1copyby Paul Burdziakowski 

The Massachusetts Quarter Horse Association (MQHA) held their annual show May 19-22 at the Eastern States Exposition Fairgrounds in West Springfield, MA. Admission was free to watch the four-day show, which featured competitive riders and their American Quarter Horse breeds competing in a full slate of classes and plenty of prizes up for grabs.

Northampton, MA has been the site of the MQHA spring show since it first started but due to a scheduling conflict this year they had to find a new home and new dates. [Read more…]

RI Mushroom Co.: “Growers and purveyors of exotic mushrooms”

CN-MR-57-3-RI-Mushroom2by Kristen M. Castrataro

Growing in a damp forest understory, emerging from the sides of stately trees, or showing up in brilliant colors on the side of a walking trail, mushrooms are a miracle. Their colors, shapes, and sizes are almost as limitless as their flavors. Golden Oysters brighten the palate, tasting as sunny as they look. Blue Oysters are subtle and mild, a mushroom for people who think they dislike mushrooms. For the best in these, and so much more, the RI Mushroom Company in South Kingstown, RI is the place to go. [Read more…]

Have bees, will travel

CN-42-3-Sells-Beesby Laura Rodley

Pollinators fear not. Master Beekeeper Nancy Mangion has got your back. When you purchase bees from Mangion, owner of Beekeepers’ Warehouse in Woburn MA, she does all she can to make sure the buyer has the knowledge they need to make their bees thrive. She mentors beekeepers from all over New England.

Mangion studied beekeeping at Cornell University, and earned her Master Beekeeper certificate in 2009. “It’s very difficult. There’s only about four of us in the northeast,” she said. [Read more…]