New England Farm Weekly

Ag Advisory Committee taps Trent Loos

cew-mr-55-1-trent-loos222by Sally Colby

The list of names reads like a list of who’s who in agriculture, an assortment of names from across the country; all of whom have been deeply involved in some form of agriculture for most of their lives. The list is the recently named Agricultural Advisory Committee, formed by President-elect Donald Trump to pioneer new ideas that will strengthen the nation’s ag industry and support rural communities. [Read more…]

Simple techniques to eliminate or lessen stiffness in riding horses

cn-mr-1-54-stefanie-1reinhold4866-jpg-copyby Paul Burdziakowski

Well horses perform well. That is the motto of Stefanie Reinhold, an author, former instructor and certified equine massage practitioner who has a passion for resolving pain and trauma related behavioral and performance issues in sport horses.

Reinhold held a clinic at the Eastern States Exposition in West Springfield, MA, during the 54th annual Equine Affaire where she spoke about the methods that she uses to alleviate stiffness in riding horses. [Read more…]

Cornucopia Fest 2016

cn-mr-2-conucopia-fest1-copyby George Looby, DVM

In October the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources, University of Connecticut, Storrs, held Cornucopia 2016. This event was designed to showcase the multiple components of the College in a setting suitable for early fall, that of a country fair. [Read more…]

Turkey is a tradition at Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm

cn-mr-4-ekonk-hill-turkey-farm3by Kristen M. Castrataro

As Rick Hermonot approaches the pasture, a din arises from the flock of turkeys and geese on the other side. Clucking and squawking, the birds follow him along the fence line. Once he enters the fence, they circle around him and even allow him to cradle them in his arms. Though they are destined for someone’s table, the birds are fearless and content. Welcome to Ekonk Hill Turkey Farm. [Read more…]

Forages help manage parasite load

cw-mr-55-1-parasite-load1-copy1by Tamara Scully

“Through the years, I’ve watched numerous small ruminant producers go in and out of business simply because they couldn’t keep their animals alive,” Heather Glennon, Assistant Professor of Animal Science, University of Mount Olive, said. “Hopefully, if you can incorporate these five bullet points into your grazing system, you’re going to reduce the exposure of your small ruminants to worms through grazing management.” [Read more…]