What’s been working for organic farmers?

CW-MR-2-Organic-Farmers585by Steve Wagner

Elvin Ranck, a Mifflintown, Juniata County farmer, says when he started switching from conventional farming methods to organic, it was 1986. Ranck was the lead-off speaker at the two-day Organic Valley/Organic Prairie/CROPP Cooperative ‘Balancing for Profit’ Agronomy School. At that time, he said, he never thought that Pennsylvania would be supporting organic like they are today. [Read more…]

The sport of Coon mule jumping, airs above the ground for mules

CM-MR-43-3-coon-mule-jumping-1793by Hope Holland

The first day of the Howard County Fair in West Friendship, MD dawned as an oddly cloudy day with patches of sun that didn’t waste much energy on heating this 6th day of August. Howard County Fair week has a history of fitting as many different types of weather as it can into one week, so it was a relief to have it cloudy and not too hot for the Coon Mule Jumping class. [Read more…]

Government and Industry Day Luncheon honors retiring Ag Progress Days Manager, Bob Oberheim

CEW-MR-32-2-Gov't-and-Industry-day376by Jon M. Casey

This year’s 41st Ag Progress Days was held Aug. 16 to 18 at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center in Rock Springs, PA featured more than 500 exhibitors and event demonstrations. At the Government and Industry Day Luncheon on Wednesday the 17th, more than 700 alumni, agricultural industry members and local, state, and federal governmental officials met to hear updates on the progress that has been made in state budgetary improvements since the 9-month impasse that took place during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. [Read more…]

Improved efficiency at Wolfe’s Powerline Dairy

CM-MR---3-power-line-dairy-8240by Bill and Mary Weaver

In an unusual move for a newly-established dairy, in 2000, Wolfe’s Power Line Dairy, in Milton, PA, immediately invested heavily in a type of milking parlor not too often seen in PA, which has saved the operation tremendous amounts of time, energy, and expense over the past 16 years it has been in use: A 32-stall DeLaval Rotary Milking Parlor. [Read more…]

Bicentennial Farm Award Ceremony at Ag Progress Days

ROCK SPRINGS, PA – Pennsylvania’s rich agricultural heritage took the spotlight Tuesday when Agriculture Secretary Russell Redding recognized seven Pennsylvania families for their contributions to the commonwealth’s agriculture industry during Penn State’s Ag Progress Days in Rock Springs, Centre County.

Redding recognized the farms – which have been in operation for a combined more than 900 years – through the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture’s Century and Bicentennial Farm Program. [Read more…]