Penn State students earn top National Dairy Shrine Scholarships

CDM-MR-1-DAIRY-SHRINE-011Seven Penn State Dairy Science Club members received National Dairy Shrine scholarships awarded at the annual banquet during the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. Two members won two awards; five others received single scholarships, and the total was impressive – the most ever for students from Penn State.

Dr. Terry Etherton, Head of the Department of Dairy Science, said, “We are so proud of our students and congratulate them on the fine showing in this prestigious scholarship program. It is a testament to their hard work and their strong preparation that they have done so well. These scholarships are extremely important to the students as they prepare for the future, recognizing and supporting their passion for the dairy industry.” [Read more…]

Canola meal in dairy cow diets: A new perspective

by Tamara Scully

With “millions of metric tons” of canola meal going into the dairy industry, there must be some value to the product. Farmers, by observation, have for years claimed that canola meal is a good source of protein, and readily replaces soy in the dairy cow diet, according to Dr. Essi Evans, of Technical Advisory Services, Inc, in a presentation at the recent 2015 Cornell Nutrition Conference. [Read more…]

Giant pumpkins and watermelons compete at State Fair

CM-NC-2-GIANTS-STATE-FAI#CC1RALEIGH, NC — A 948-pound pumpkin grown by Gail Newsom in Pinnacle and a 302-pound watermelon grown by Chris “Superman” Kent from Sevierville, TN took the top prizes in the Great Pumpkin and Watermelon Weigh-Off at the NC State Fair. This event is sanctioned by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, an international organization that promotes growing giant vegetables. [Read more…]

A dismal fall for crops in the Carolinas and Virginia

CM-MR-NC-3-DISMAL-SEASON#C31by Chris Bickers

As farmers gathered at the North Carolina State Fair, there was much bemoaning of the bad weather that has characterized this season right up until fair time. In fact, the Sunday after the Fair began on Oct. 16, a killing frost set in, followed by another the following morning.

The frost varied in its severity from north to south, with the growing season for cold-sensitive crops essentially coming to an end. The continuous rains had already marred the late season at the beginning of October. [Read more…]

Turning a profit with Jersey milk

CM-MR-3-JERSEY-CHEESE_011by Sally Colby

When Karen Mickler and her husband Bruce DeGroot purchased a remote 50-acre mountain farm in Robbinsville, NC in 1980, they planned to produce as much food for themselves as they could. Part of that plan included a Jersey cow by the name of Rosebud.

“We didn’t buy this land with the intention of having a dairy farm,” said Karen. “We bought one milk cow, Rosebud, but she gave so much milk that we learned to make cheese. We had so much cheese and then another cow, so we got a license to sell our cheese.” [Read more…]