The 60th Pennsylvania Dairy Princess Coronation

cew-mr-26-3-60th-pa-dairy913by Steve Wagner

The first thing regular attendees to this year’s coronation might have noticed is a general upgrading of the quality in the trimmings of the affair. At the doors outside the banquet room stood an easel with a diagram of table locations so ticket holders could see before entering exactly where they were located. “In previous years,” said PA Dairy Princess Promotion Services Administrative Director Laura Daubert, “not doing that seemed to translate into a minor disaster.” [Read more…]

Artificial intelligence could help farmers diagnose crop diseases

UNIVERSITY PARK, PA — A network of computers fed a large image dataset can learn to recognize specific plant diseases with a high degree of accuracy, potentially paving the way for field-based crop-disease identification using smartphones, according to a study by a team of researchers at Penn State and EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland. [Read more…]

You can save a life

cew-mr-3-grain-bin-rescue8993by Bill and Mary Weaver

Becoming trapped in a grain bin is fatal over half the time. What you decide to do in the first 10 minutes after finding someone trapped may save a life. If you decide to do the wrong things, you may just make the situation worse. [Read more…]

Every cow pulls her weight

cm-mr-54-2-every-cow-pulls-62106by Sally Colby

Dale Thompson grew up on a dairy farm, and recalls that his family was in and out of the dairy business for 32 years. “We also had beef cattle off and on,” said Dale, “and we had hog houses too.” [Read more…]

Diversity yields financial stability for beef operation

cm-mr-43-2-zeager-angus-9466by Bill and Mary Weaver

At 74-years-young, Herbert Zeager of Limestoneville, PA in Montour County is still farming 350 acres; feeding Angus steers for beef — about 100 at a time — and caring for guinea keets from the time they are delivered to his barn at one day old until they are less temperature-sensitive and better able to take care of themselves. With the part-time help of his son John, Zeager raises and turns over about 10,000 guinea fowl every 15 weeks. [Read more…]