Kelp supplementation and dairy cows

2019-02-22T14:47:42+00:00January 28, 2019|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Tamara Scully

Researchers at the University of New Hampshire have been exploring the use of kelp supplementation in milking cows. A survey conducted in the Northeast showed that 59 percentage of organic dairy producers are using kelp, either supplementing the ration with two to four ounces, or sometimes making it available free choice. In the Midwest, 83 percent of Minnesota organic dairy farmers, and 49 percent of Wisconsin’s organic dairy producers are using kelp.


Keystone Farm Show draws enthusiastic crowd

2019-01-23T09:36:49+00:00January 23, 2019|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, Western Edition|

by Sally Colby

For those not involved in farming, January may seem like an off time of the year for farmers. But there’s plenty of work for farmers during winter, and their days are filled with tasks such as planning crops, ordering seed, repairing equipment and meeting the challenges of caring for livestock in cold weather. Despite this busy season, many farmers take time to visit the Keystone Farm Show in York, PA, to check out the latest in farm services and equipment.


Miss Agriculture USA making connections across the country

2019-01-25T16:55:25+00:00January 21, 2019|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Courtney Llewellyn

County fair queens are a familiar sight, moving with their courts through crowds of fair-goers, smiling, waving and representing their realms. Dairy princesses do the same, representing milk producers in their areas. But what about those who want to share their love of agriculture as a whole?


The science of stress

2019-02-18T17:08:27+00:00January 14, 2019|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

Part 2: Focused stress reduction strategies

by Sally Colby

Farmers are professionals when it comes to getting things done under stress, but often at the expense of their health. Because stress can be a major contributing factor in many complicated health issues, it’s worth pursuing stress-reduction strategies to avoid serious issues.


Great results for a small bull rider

2019-01-14T10:25:59+00:00January 14, 2019|Mid Atlantic|

by Hope Holland

While most of the youngsters in the six- to 10-year-old group of little horse and pony riders are working on their lead line and short stirrup skills in shows, young bull riders of the same age are, well, riding bulls. It was realized that there was a need for smaller and age-appropriate bulls to be used for the younger riders, but they still have to be bulls with bull-appropriate attitudes of general intransigence and the athletic ability to enforce that attitude when it comes to being ridden for eight seconds.


Beef cattle transportation and welfare

2019-01-14T14:11:26+00:00January 14, 2019|Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

by Tamara Scully

Transportation of livestock is a stressful event for the animals. Just ask Brianna the cow, a recent New Jersey escapee who either fell or jumped from a transport truck heading to the slaughterhouse. While events such as this aren’t common, the safety and well-being of cattle being transported – no matter the end destination – is an important concern for the livestock industry.


Something to Cook About

2019-01-14T10:15:35+00:00January 14, 2019|Eastern Edition, Mid Atlantic, New England Farm Weekly, Western Edition|

The Glassmaker of Donbridge

by R D Vincent, author of the Donbridge Series

My grandmother bustled about her kitchen cooking away for the annual New Year’s Eve party which was held at my parent’s house each year. Knocking on the pine door, which was halfway open, I noticed my grandmother was startled to see me. “Michael, you gave me a fright!” she said as she went back to her search. “I just can’t find that round glass cake plate I use to make my upside down peach cake. I know it’s here somewhere,” she said as she shoved and pulled more pots from the cabinets. “You know this reminds me of a story I almost forgot till just about this moment,” she said.