Lebanon County’s soybean Chronicle

CM-MR-26-3-MUSSER0542by Steve Wagner

There was a time when farmers in Lebanon County didn’t grow soybeans. “At that time, Penn State said, ‘you can’t raise beans around here; it won’t work,’” said Samuel Musser of Triple-M-Farms. “But my dad raised some soybeans and we baled it like hay. There weren’t many combines then, so we baled this stuff and big stems were sticking out. But it wasn’t much.” At the time, Musser’s fellow farmer, Mark Hershey, “was buying soybeans out of the west and cooking them. They were probably railed in; nobody seemed to know where he was getting them.” [Read more…]

Small-scale biogas systems for farm and homestead: Hands-on

KIMBERTON, PA — The Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA), in partnership with the Dickinson College Farm, Solar CITIES Inc., and Omega-Alpha Recycling Systems will be hosting a Farmer-to-Farmer Field Day event on small-scale biogas on Saturday, July 16 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. The field day will be hosted at the Dickinson College Farm in Boiling Springs, PA. [Read more…]

Georges Mill: No regrets

CM-33-3-George's-Mill-1by Karl H. Kazaks

LOVETTESVILLE, VA — When Molly Kroiz and her husband Sam moved to his family farm in Loudon County, it was clear what they were going to do.

“I wanted to make cheese,” Molly said, who had previously done so on a home-scale basis.

This would be different, though: a commercial-scale business on a farm for a couple who had never farmed before. [Read more…]

Comment period extended for proposed changes

CM-MR-56-2-Organic-livestock2by Tamara Scully

Proposed changes to the National Organic Program Livestock and Poultry Practices are open for a recently extended comment period, which now closes on July 13, 2016. There are new revisions covering animal welfare and health practices, requirements for outdoor access and living standards for mammals as well as poultry, and new regulations for transport and slaughter. Anyone involved in organic production is encouraged to understand the new proposals, and to provide comments for consideration. [Read more…]