Douglas Open Farm

CE-MR-3-Douglas Open Farm10by Al Dorantes
Jack and Tina Douglas, Douglas Farm, hosted a Cabot Cheese Open Farm Sunday, Oct 13. They operate a small dairy farm, located at 502 Cedarville Road, in Cedarville, NY. The public was invited to come visit, learn about farming practices, and sample Cabot and McCadam cheese.
McCadam and Cabot are sister brands of Cabot Creamery Cooperative, and are owned and operated by Agri-Mark, the Northeast’s leading dairy cooperative. The cooperative makes a full line of cheeses, yogurt, sour cream, cottage cheese and butter, and is owned by 1,200 dairy farm families located through New England and upstate New York. Jim Young, an AgriMark representative, said, “The milk went a ways to get made into cheese but it came back.” He added, “Every time you buy McCadam or Cabot products you support your local AgriMark farmer.” [Read more…]

2013 All-Dairy Antiques and Collectibles Show & Sale

CF4-DY-4-2013 All-Dairy 1HARRISBURG, PA — Antique and collectible milk bottles, signs, ceramics, advertising, awards and artwork were the highlight of the 16th All-Dairy Antiques and Collectibles Show & Sale during the All-American Dairy Show, Sept. 6-11, at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA.
The All-Dairy Antiques and Collectibles Show has developed a reputation for showing a variety of high-quality, rare and unusual items. As the only known dairy antiques show of its kind in the United States, it is a valuable educational event and a major market for buying and selling quality dairy antiques and collectibles. It also serves as an educational tool for youth participating in the All-American Dairy Show and the Premier National Junior Events. [Read more…]

We’re here for the amusement of the microbes

CEW-MR-3-Allegany county44by Helen Terry, Grazing Planner for Seneca Trail RC&D Council
ALLEGANY COUNTY, NY — What do sheep, cows, grass, and soil all have in common? According to Dairyman, Kim Shaklee, it’s to “amuse the microbes.” This systems approach was the overarching theme as countless farmers traveled out to the Allegany County countryside joining their conservation and extension educator professionals for two pasture walks. [Read more…]

Maximizing value by minimizing volume

CEW-MR-2-Cayuga Milk2A progressive group of New York dairies pool resources

by Steven E. Smith
Slated to be operating by July 2014, Cayuga Milk Ingredients will be a 108,000 square foot milk processing plant, owned collectively by 21 of the Cayuga Marketing Members with the goal of converting more than 1.85 million pounds of these farmers’ own milk through ultra-filtration into high quality dairy ingredients. The 25-acre site in the Cayuga County town of Aurelius near Auburn, NY, was designed to produce milk protein concentrates, milk protein isolates (85 percent and 90 percent), 42 percent cream, skim milk powder and whole milk powder. [Read more…]