We’re here for the amusement of the microbes

CEW-MR-3-Allegany county44by Helen Terry, Grazing Planner for Seneca Trail RC&D Council
ALLEGANY COUNTY, NY — What do sheep, cows, grass, and soil all have in common? According to Dairyman, Kim Shaklee, it’s to “amuse the microbes.” This systems approach was the overarching theme as countless farmers traveled out to the Allegany County countryside joining their conservation and extension educator professionals for two pasture walks. [Read more…]

Maximizing value by minimizing volume

CEW-MR-2-Cayuga Milk2A progressive group of New York dairies pool resources

by Steven E. Smith
Slated to be operating by July 2014, Cayuga Milk Ingredients will be a 108,000 square foot milk processing plant, owned collectively by 21 of the Cayuga Marketing Members with the goal of converting more than 1.85 million pounds of these farmers’ own milk through ultra-filtration into high quality dairy ingredients. The 25-acre site in the Cayuga County town of Aurelius near Auburn, NY, was designed to produce milk protein concentrates, milk protein isolates (85 percent and 90 percent), 42 percent cream, skim milk powder and whole milk powder. [Read more…]

Rogers’ Family Orchards hosts 2013 annual Fulton Co FFD

CE-MR-4-Rogers orchard4by Elizabeth A. Tomlin
Rogers’ Family Orchards of Johnstown, NY generously hosted Fulton County’s 4th annual ‘Day at the Farm’ on Sept. 29. The event has taken place at Rogers’ since its inception.
“We like to see people have fun,” explained Todd Rogers. “Everyone gets to take a nice break. It’s a lot of work, but everything turns out well.”
Rogers jokingly said he likes to see how many people they can collect in one place, and this year’s estimate topped the past few years, with approximately 4,000 visitors throughout the day. [Read more…]

Mastitis management on your organic dairy

C4-MR-1-Preventing mastitis1by Katie Navarra
Mastitis is the most common and most costly disease in milking cattle. It is estimated that mastitis accounts for $1 billion in production losses for the dairy industry each year. The disease challenges conventional and organic dairies alike and prevention is the key to limiting its presence in your herd.
By definition, mastitis is the inflammation of the udder caused by bacterial infection. Mastitis can be subclinical, clinical or chronic. Subclinical is the most difficult to diagnose as no visible signs are present. The udders look normal as does the milk.
While the cow may “look” healthy, if the cow has subclinical mastitis, the somatic cell count will be increased, lowering the overall milk quality. Conversely, cows with clinical mastitis have noticeable changes in the milk as well as swollen udders that are hot to the touch. Cows repeatedly infected are considered chronic. [Read more…]

Marketing matter at Wallbridge Angus

CEW-MR-2-Wallbridge Farm37A family commitment to sound Angus genetics and farm marketing

by Steven E Smith
Deep in the heart of Angus seed stock country, the Wallbridge Angus herd is going strong today. Known as a respected Angus herd within breeder circles for many years, today the Wallbridge herd is owned and managed by a young family that has taken added steps of bringing their products and customers together.
Wallbridge Angus started when the farm was established by George Wallbridge Perkins in 1950. The Perkins family developed a presence in the Angus breed through careful matings that yielded a internationally recognized results. The Perkins Wallbridge bred the 1968 International Grand Champion Female with Wallbridge Barbara 12 and the 1967 Royal Highland Champion Bull, Great Northern. Wallbridge cattle were recognized in the show ring by the time the family dispersed their herd in the 1981, save a small group of cattle. [Read more…]