Maple Syrup Program enriches Central New York FFA students in many ways

CEW-FF-3-VVS-Maple1by Pat Malin

VERONA, NY — There’s no doubt the Future Farmers of America chapter at Vernon-Verona-Sherrill Central School is a student group.

It’s also highly successful, winning recognition as the best FFA chapter in the state four of the last six years, according to the club’s adviser and VVS agriculture teacher, Keith Schiebel.

It takes an actual visit to the school in Oneida County during its annual maple syrup weekend, to realize this is also a thriving business. [Read more…]

Encouraging young people to take up “The Dirty Life”

CE-MR-1-Essex farm side1by Pat Malin

CLINTON, NY — Mark and Kristin Kimball of Essex Farm in northern New York think of themselves as more than farmers. They’re also educators, environmentalists, community activists, and mentors to the next generation of farmers. They have already succeeded in helping new farms become established, as they did with Matt Volz of Greyrock Farm in Cazenovia, NY.

Volz and his partner, Gillian Goldberg, showed up at the Kimballs’ lecture at Hamilton College with a Swiss calf to share one small aspect of farming with the students and the public. [Read more…]

250 farmers unite to support West Charlton farm family

CEWN-MR-3-Farmers unite1GLENVILLE, NY — Glenville Town Justice Paul Davenport seemed a bit distracted as over 200 farmers and supporters filled his court room to show their solidarity for local farmer, Joshua Rockwood of West Wind Acres in West Charlton, NY.

The 36-year-old farmer who is facing 13 animal neglect charges pled not guilty to the charges in court Tuesday, March 24. According to court documents, authorities found sheep in an unheated barn with frozen water with animal feces mixed into the ice. The documents also stated 15 pigs had frozen, undrinkable water, and they were confined in a barn without food. In addition, three horses, around 30 cows and 10 pigs were without proper food or water, and goats did not have access to food. [Read more…]

Grain marketing issues addressed at Central NY CCE 2015 Corn Day

CEW-MR-2-Corn Day1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Grain marketing was a hot topic at the Central New York Cornell Cooperative Extension’s 2015 Corn Day.

In a presentation given by Penn State Extension Ag Marketing Educator John Berry, both corn and soybean trends and predictions were addressed.

“It’s impossible to predict grain prices. But, I’m optimistic about the food business,” Berry stated. “What business would you rather be in then trying to feed this exploding population? But, I’m also cautious about the risk we’re going to face in the meantime.” [Read more…]

Managing pests of herb and vegetable bedding plants

 by Katie Navarra

“Biological control programs use living organisms that are natural enemies of insects to control pests and diseases,” said Leanne Pundt, Extension Educator for University of Connecticut at the Litchfield County Extension Center.

“They do not act as quickly as pesticides, so cannot be used as a rescue treatment. Natural enemies are best used preventatively, early in the cropping cycle, when plants are small, pest numbers are low and pest damage has not yet occurred,” she added.

Biological controls also reduce worker exposure to pesticide and pesticide residues, limits spray damage, requires limited equipment for application and improves plant quality. Integrating biological controls also lengthens the lifespan of effective pesticides used in greenhouses by reducing opportunity for the development of resistance. [Read more…]