4-H’ers find success at Regional Dairy Quiz Bowl Contest

CEW-MR-1-4H Dairy Quiz bowl9765Test your dairy knowledge — do you know the answers to these questions? What is the common name for Pneumonic pasteurellosis? According to the FDA, the official term for the ongoing relationship between a farm manager and veterinarian is called what? How many pounds of milk does it take to make one pound of authentic greek yogurt? (Answers are at the end so read on.)

Six Tompkins County 4-H members have dedicated six Saturday afternoons to study and prepare for the South Central Regional 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl contest. They’ve learned the answers to these questions, and much more! The Regional Contest was held on Saturday, March 15 at Chenango Forks Elementary School. The Tompkins County members earned the following success: [Read more…]

New York’s USDA Mobile Poultry Slaughter Unit

by Tamara Scully

Renee Smith, small farmer and  manager of North Country Pastured, LLC, recently discussed their newly-operational mobile poultry processing unit, as a part of Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County’s poultry panel workshop. The mobile unit is USDA-certified, and operates with a USDA inspector onsite at all times. This distinction means that poultry processed in the unit can be sold in a wider array of venues, including to educational institutions and across state lines, than poultry processed under standard poultry processing exemptions, or in state-licensed facilities. The mobile processing unit was funded by the North Country Regional Economic Development Council. [Read more…]

Benefits of cover crops

by Sanne Kure-Jensen

More and more growers are planting cover crops to improve soil moisture, reduce erosion and maximize profits. Cover crops can include grasses, legumes and forbs planted for seasonal cover. Over time, using cover crops improves yields, organic matter and soil water conservation. This change is most noticable with diverse crop rotation. [Read more…]

CNY CCE 2014 Calf Health and Nutrition Conference: shaping her future

CEW-MR-3-Calf Health3by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“When we think about why we have so many calf health challenges, it can come down to those first few hours of life,” stated Dairy Specialist Dr. Kimberley Morrill.

Morrill joined with Dr. Fernando Soberon in a presentation for the 2014 Calf Health and Nutrition Conference put on by Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Central New York Dairy and Field Crops Team.

Morrill and Soberon presented updated information concerning the critical importance of colostrum to every newborn calf. [Read more…]