ADADC annual meetings encourage producers to attend Driving Dairy Discussions

ce-mr-3-adadc-meetings1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Annual American Dairy Associations & Dairy Council (ADADC) meetings are being held across New York, Northern New Jersey and Northeastern Pennsylvania, providing an opportunity for dairy farmers to get together, socialize, have a free hearty meal and catch up on information about where their check off dollars have gone to work. [Read more…]

KILE 2016 – Farm City Day

Pennsylvania’s Dairy Princess Halee Wasson, who is studying ag education, takes the opportunity to educate kids of all ages and Steve Wagner
In the week preceding Farm City Day, at the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE), I received an email touting the benefits of technology in agriculture. “Farmers in third world countries can then become managers of their fields instead of working all day in the fields,” it proclaimed. “Right now, 30 percent of all agricultural surfaces are used for cows. [Read more…]

Milk Pickup

Fred and Joyce Williams pose together after 47 years collecting farmer's milk on their daily route in Central New York. Photo by Troy Bishoppby Troy Bishopp

ORISKANY FALLS, NY — Pause for a moment today and remember the first time you encountered your soul mate. Was it at a church function, the grocery store, a party, or some other random meeting place? One of the more unique places has to be how Fred and Joyce Williams connected over fresh, frothy cans of milk at the ole, iconic Hinman Farm Products Plant in Deansboro, NY. To say milk brought love may be the next great marketing campaign. [Read more…]

Manure Management is a goal of SCD

Some horses are magnets for children to pet, but they are livestock. Photo by Jane Primeranoby Jane Primerano

New Jersey is a small state with a lot of water. Lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, ponds and vernal pools, not to mention the surviving sections of two man-made canals ribbon the state.

Keeping that water clean and potable is a challenge in both urban and rural areas.

In the rural northwest and south of the state a major water-quality concern is non-point source pollution from farms. Often, the pollution comes from manure. [Read more…]