Juliano Produce Farms

ce-mr-18-juliano-produce-farms1973cby Daniel Baldwin

Juliano’s Produce Farms is a family-owned and operated farmer’s market that has been in the Utica, NY, area for 35 years. It is located on State Route 5.

The Juliano family grows fruits and vegetables and sells them at their store along with cheese, milk, and other dairy products. The family members also grow and sell flowers inside their 13 greenhouses located outside the market. [Read more…]

Growing hemp in New York State

go-mr-32-3-growing-hemp-in-new-york-state2by Michael Wren

ALBANY, NY — On October 22, 2016 people from all walks of life gathered together to learn about and discuss the now legalized cultivation of hemp in New York State. The informational meeting was sponsored by the New York Hemp Industries Association (NYHIA) in order for interested parties to learn more about the New York Hemp Pilot Program. [Read more…]

New equipment, less work: making a hay farm work

ce-mr-27-3-shariff2743by Michael Wren

CANAJOHARIE, NY — Doreen and Kal Shariff have owned and operated the family farm in Canajoharie for several years. When taking over the farm, the Shariffs were faced with a dilemma of how to operate a farm while also holding down a full time job. The answer was to simply focus on what they could do in their spare time and keep the farm in operation. [Read more…]

NODPA holds annual Field Days

cew-mr-3-34-nodpa-field-days9783by Sally Colby

Those who traveled to Chambersburg, PA for the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance annual Field Days, held on Sept. 29 and 30 found that attending the two-day event was time well spent.

Participants had the option of touring the Trickling Springs Creamery plant prior to the first session. Trickling Springs is a relatively young company, established in 2001, and provides an outlet for organic farmers who produce clean (low somatic cell count) milk. [Read more…]