Government and Industry Day Luncheon honors retiring Ag Progress Days Manager, Bob Oberheim

CEW-MR-32-2-Gov't-and-Industry-day376by Jon M. Casey

This year’s 41st Ag Progress Days was held Aug. 16 to 18 at the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center in Rock Springs, PA featured more than 500 exhibitors and event demonstrations. At the Government and Industry Day Luncheon on Wednesday the 17th, more than 700 alumni, agricultural industry members and local, state, and federal governmental officials met to hear updates on the progress that has been made in state budgetary improvements since the 9-month impasse that took place during the 2015-2016 fiscal year. [Read more…]

West Winfield girl wins Herkimer County Fair Queen title

The 2016 Herkimer County Fair Queen is Emily Ward-Case, 17, from West Winfield. First runner up is Samantha Kimball, 17, from Sauquoit, second runner up is Alexys Conti, 15, from Fultonville, and third runner up is Madisyn Kraeger, 14, from Poland.

The Princess is Olivia Wiehenstroer, 12, from Utica, NY. First runner up is Morgan O’Bryan, 10, from Little Falls, second runner up is Shayna Nicole Terry, 11, from Ilion and third runner up is Catalina Batista, 11, from Poland. [Read more…]

Herkimer County Fair hosts many agricultural shows

CE-MR-30-3-Herkimer-County3cby Daniel Baldwin

The Herkimer County Fair in Frankfort, NY, was a fun and enjoyable experience for many people.   This fair had many rides, musical entertainment, art exhibits, and food vendors.

But while this fair served as another reason for people to do something fun during the summer, it was also a chance for local farmers to compete and win prizes. This fair also hosted many agriculture events from the day the fairgrounds first opened (Aug. 18) to the final day (Aug. 21). [Read more…]

Farmers transcend boundaries to become ecological doctors

CEW-MR-3-Ecological-doctors121by Troy Bishopp

ALFRED, NY — In the midst of a punishing dry spell that has diminished pastures, water bodies and farmer’s spirits, Grasstravaganza 2016 brought a 3-day temporary respite for the mind and even garnered a much needed rain shower. As featured speaker, Fred Provenza, stated, “It’s the hard times that force us to adapt and change”. [Read more…]