Armyworms approaching threshold in New York counties

CE-MR-1-Armyworms1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Crop farmers across New York State are sure to remember the armyworm destruction of 2012.

In a pest report from Cornell on June 23, 2016, extension agents reported true armyworms (Pseudaletia unipuncta) on the move. In most cases reported, corn had been planted into a rye cover crop. [Read more…]

Murrock Organic Dairy Farm Open House

CE-MR-4-Murrock2617by Michael Wren

WATERTOWN, NY — Murrock Farms held an open house recently for neighbors and friends to gather and see some of the changes that have taken place on the farm this year. In January the Murrocks installed four robotic milkers instead of renovating their current milking system. “We needed to update our milking system and this seemed like the best fit.” With the rising costs of minimum wage and low milk prices, this seemed like the logical solution and a way to jump into the new age of milking. [Read more…]

Pasture Renovation Workshop at Vibbard View Beef Farms

CEW-MR-3-Pasture-Renovation31by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“Do you always graze before you clip?” asked Jeff Vibbard.

Vibbard was addressing CNY Field Crop Specialist Kevin Ganoe and Cornell University Beef Specialist Dr. Mike Baker at a CNY Beef Producers’ Pasture Renovation Workshop held at Vibbard View Beef Farms in Burlington Flats, NY. [Read more…]

Agritourism ~ utilizing social media to promote your business

CM-MR-1-Agritourismby Elizabeth A. Tomlin

The second in a series of Webinars organized by the University of California Small Farm Program in partnership with FarmsReach, instructing practical ways to attract Agritourism to your business was presented on June 2, with Kristin York of the Sierra Business Council and Lauren Gagliano-Saline of Suzie’s Farm as featured speakers.

Gagliano and York walked listeners through steps of using the internet to attract and secure new customers through use of social media including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yelp, Pinterest and other growing social media sources. [Read more…]

Fly control on organic dairy operations

by Katie Navarra

Without fail, flies arrive with summer heat and increased grazing time. Controlling flies is a common management issue among farmers, especially organic farmers who have fewer options for control. In a webinar hosted by eExtension and eOrganic, Roger Moon, Ph.D. and Brad Heins, Ph.D. at the University of Minnesota, discuss two control options that were researched at the university through a project funded by the USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative.

Before a method of control can be established, you have to know your enemies. Flies originate from different places and cause specific problems. When asked to name flies, most people first list mosquitoes, horse flies, black flies and biting gnats. [Read more…]