Fighting the silver bullet mentality

CM-50-1-Fighting-the-s1ilverby Sally Colby

Dr. Gareth Bath, University of Pretoria, South Africa, says when it comes to treating sheep and goats for internal parasites, producers have spent far too long concentrating on the parasites instead of the host.

“We tended to rely on dosing remedies that worked,” said Bath, explaining the worldwide resistance problem. “Since the 1960s, there have been a series of excellent drugs. Unfortunately, this led us to be lazy and get into bad habits and not think of anything except a dosing program. [Read more…]

He that plants trees loves others besides himself

CE-MR-1-Plant-tre1es2by Troy Bishopp

HAMILTON, NY — English Clergyman and writer, Thomas Fuller, inspired this belief in 1660, which is also a timely sentiment for our climate-changing environment. There was definitely some love to share as over 230 residents from Madison, Oneida and surrounding counties bought saplings from this year’s Madison County Soil and Water Conservation District’s 30th anniversary tree sale. [Read more…]

Don’t get shocked: What you need to know about solar arrays

by Katie Navarra

Have you been contacted by solar development companies interested in renting your land?

Several solar development companies are recruiting land in the Capital District and landowners in the region are receiving proposals. “One company has mailed a blanket of proposals to landowners, highlighting possible land to rent on a map. Interested people needed to sign and return in order to express interest and receive a contract form,” said Sandy Buxton, with the Capital Area Agriculture and Horticulture Program. [Read more…]

Herkimer County Dairy Princess

CE-MR-2-Herkimer-Coun1ty-DP12by Michael Wren

WEST WINFIELD, NY — It’s a beautiful day for a drive as I begin my trip to meet with this year’s Herkimer County Dairy Princess. As I arrive at my destination, Ellie Ainslie, the person who currently holds the title, meets me. As we begin our conversation I realize how well spoken and confident she is when talking about the dairy industry. Living on her current farm since 2001 Ellie is no stranger to working on a farm. Coming from multiple generations of dairy farmers she plans to always keep it as a part of her life. Whether giving seminars or working with a 4-H organization, she wants to continue the strong tradition of dairy farming and educating the general population on the subject. [Read more…]

Coby Corner: National Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge

CEW-CL-MR-2-Coby-Cornerby Gabrielle Domagala

This past month has been really busy! April 7 through April 9, 13 SUNY Cobleskill students traveled to Syracuse, NY to participate in the National Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge Contest and Academy. What is Dairy Challenge you ask? [Read more…]