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Ag Advisory Committee taps Trent Loos

cew-mr-55-1-trent-loos222by Sally Colby

The list of names reads like a list of who’s who in agriculture, an assortment of names from across the country; all of whom have been deeply involved in some form of agriculture for most of their lives. The list is the recently named Agricultural Advisory Committee, formed by President-elect Donald Trump to pioneer new ideas that will strengthen the nation’s ag industry and support rural communities. [Read more…]

Supplementing grazing dairy cows: economics

cew-mr-1-supplementing-grazing1by Tamara Scully

Grazing cows is a requirement for organic milk producers. Organic milk must come from cows that receive no less than 30 percent of their dry matter intake (DMI) from pasture forage during the grazing season, and are actively grazing on pasture for at least 120 days, or as long as possible in the region. Feeding grain is allowed. [Read more…]

Not your grandfather’s corn

by Sally Colby

Dairy farmers typically plant designated acreage in corn for silage each year, with seed selection based on variety of factors. This past year’s drought conditions may entice some farmers to select more drought-tolerant varieties, and may also encourage them to think beyond what they’ve traditionally planted.

Ev Thomas, of Oak Point Agronomics, says drought-tolerant hybrids have been developed by several seed companies including DeKalb, Monsanto and Pioneer. “These are specifically developed for drought conditions,” said Thomas. [Read more…]

Dairy Ambassador brings agriculture to the classroom

ce-mr-2-herkimer-dairy-ambassador1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

While it’s not uncommon for schools to start mornings off with dairy in their Breakfast in the Classroom program, co-hosted by the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council, it’s not every school that benefits from a program such as Ashley Teachout is conducting at Richfield Springs in Herkimer County, New York. [Read more…]

Central NY Beef Producers Feeder Calf Sale brings success

ce-mr-bf-3-feeder-calf-sale1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

“We are very pleased to announce we had a very successful tele-auction!” remarked Bill Gibson, CCE Agricultural Community Educator for Schoharie and Otsego Counties. “From the comfort of the Cooperstown Cooperative Extension Office with the auctioneer and five bidders on the phone and one sitting with us, we sold 25 steers and heifers at a pro-rated average bid of $1.39 per pound.” [Read more…]