How do the pieces of the puzzle fit for 2016? ~ Part 2

CEW-MR-1-Money-on-the-Table31by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Avoiding financial pitfalls while making every penny count during times of instability in the dairy industry, were topics discussed in a ‘Money on the Table’ meeting held at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Saratoga County.

Speakers Jason Karszes, Cornell PRO DAIRY Senior Extension Associate Program Department of Animal Science Cornell University; Sandy Buxton, CCE Capital District Farm Business Management Specialist, and Saratoga Co. CCE Resource Educator Kirk Shoen wrapped up the meeting. [Read more…]

Preventive medicine an important focus of Calf & Heifer Congress

Brian Newton of Balsam View Farm, Pharsalia, NY, left, gets additional advice from Dr. Franklyn Garry of Colorado State on the use of hair dryers to keep newborn calves warm during the Calf & Heifer Congress 2015 in East Syracuse, NY. Photo by Pat Malinby Pat Malin

EAST SYRACUSE, NY – The revolution slowly occurring in Americans’ healthcare coverage could be filtering down to the farms.

Hospitals and doctors are being judged now on quality of care and discharges, not on the number of patients they treat. Efficiency is about reducing the number of patients who need to be treated and/or have to be hospitalized.

However, we’re not talking about farmers now, but about the health of their animals.

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Fatigued cattle syndrome

CEW-MR-1-Fatigued-cattle11by George Looby, DVM

As new innovative feeding practices evolve over time in the beef industry questions are bound to surface regarding their possible impact on the human food chain and issues regarding animal welfare. In a condition noted in several large-scale slaughterhouses during the summer of 2013 processed cattle showed a reluctance to move, immobility and difficulty breathing at a level above that which would have been considered normal in previous years. The recent issues regarding the long term use of antibiotics as feed additives prompted a careful look at other additives that have found their way into feeding programs throughout the industry.

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Stopping by McCray’s Farm and Country Creamery

CN-MR-3-MCCRAYS-FARM-1521by Laura Rodley

A few days before Christmas, people were stopping by McCray’s Farm and Country Creamery to pick up last minute gifts — maple syrup, the farm dairy’s own chocolate milk, ice cream cakes and even homemade ice cream, available in 25 flavors from Barnyard Blast to Caramel Brownie Swirl. Part of the year-round petting zoo, the ducks and geese swimming in the duck pond greeted customers. [Read more…]

New England Vegetable & Fruit Conference

CN-MR-3-NE-FRUIT-VEG-CON_6112by Sanne Kure-Jensen

The New England Vegetable & Fruit Conference and Trade Show offered workshops led by experienced growers, extension agents, crop advisors, university and industry researchers as well as industry representatives from across North America. Speakers shared the latest innovations and advances in the fruit and vegetable industry. This biennial conference was held Dec. 15 – 17, 2015 at the Radisson Hotel in Manchester, NH. [Read more…]