NOFA-NY’s Final On-Farm Field Day at Hawthorne Valley Farms: An eye to the future

ce-mr-4-hawthorne-valley52by Michael Wren

GHENT, NY — Oct. 17, 2016 marked the final on-farm field day put on by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA-NY). These events are hosted by farms in New York State and are held from June through October. NOFA-NY’s Executive Director Adrianna Natsoulas and the Grain and Field Crops Coordinator Robert Perry helped to put on the field day. [Read more…]

Biodynamic farming

ce-mr-4-hawthorne-valley78According to the Biodynamic Association, biodynamics is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to farming, gardening, food and nutrition. Biodynamic agriculture has been practiced since the early 1920’s. The principles and practices are based on the findings of Dr. Rudolf Steiner. Today, the biodynamic movement encompasses thousands of regenerative gardens, farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards which all look for a more sustainable approach to farming. [Read more…]

New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation celebrates 100 years at Annual Meeting

cn-rp-55-6-nhfb-celebrates1-copyWorkshops, speakers, and awards highlight 100th Anniversary Celebration of New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation

On Friday Nov. 11, New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation celebrated their 100th Annual Meeting with a conference at Church Landing in Meredith. Workshops and training sessions were held throughout the day for Farm Bureau members. Congresswoman Ann Kuster, who serves on the House Agriculture Committee, recognized the accomplishments and hard work of Farm Bureau members over their 100 Years of service to agriculture in a letter and Governor Maggie Hassan honored the New Hampshire Farm Bureau Federation with a commendation read by NHFB President, Denis Ward, during the evening banquet. [Read more…]

The first hours

by Sally Colby

Dairy farmers know the importance of colostrum to the newborn calf, and well-managed farms have established protocol for ensuring calves have adequate colostrum within hours of birth.

“Colostrum management is the most important thing you do with an animal in their life,” said Dr. Jud Heinrichs, professor of dairy science at Penn State University. “What you do in the first two hours of their life has huge implications.” [Read more…]