The things you learn on a farm tour

CDM-50-3-Things-you-learn10498by Steve Wagner

Friday, April 8, was supposed to be sunny, albeit on the chilly side. Perfect for a farm tour and it was, except for a brief gate-crashing blizzard that lasted for roughly half an hour. To be fair, a reminder sent the day before cautioned Please Dress Warm. No one was caught short. That’s the first thing you learn on a farm tour — be prepared. [Read more…]

Food Justice: wages, safety and more

by Tamara Scully

Farmers in New York and other states are protesting laws aimed at raising the minimum wage. They cannot make a profit and keep farming while paying these “living wages,” or so the popular argument goes. But farm workers shouldn’t have to live on wages that don’t make it feasible for them to afford housing, food, health care, and other living expenses. It’s a quandary, and only by altering the way in which we view food and farms can farm workers, farmers and the farms themselves thrive. [Read more…]

Limiting pathogens in irrigated manure

CF4-MR-38-3-Limiting-patho1gens6180by Sally Colby

When farms have an irrigation system in place for crops, they can often use the same system for distributing liquid manure. Manure application via an irrigation system result in less time on the road, rapid uptake of nutrients by crops, and less risk of runoff and groundwater contamination. Manure distribution through irrigation also helps reduce volume in storage facilities when levels are close to the top. [Read more…]

Farm Safety Day captivates audience: Part 1

CW-MR-2-Farm-Safety-par1t1-1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

A variety of topics and demonstrations provided by New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH) kept the attention of attendees throughout Schoharie County Farm Bureau’s Farm Safety Day, co-sponsored by SUNY Cobleskill.

SUNY Cobleskill President Dr. Marion Terenzio and NYS Commissioner of Agriculture Richard Ball opened the program and welcomed attendees. [Read more…]