Farming with robots ~ pros and cons

ce-mr-1-scipio-center575by Michael Wren

LANSING, NY — Steve Patt is no stranger to working on a farm. Growing up on his parents’ farm in Fultonville, NY, and later in Sherburne, NY, Patt has always been around dairy farms. After graduating from SUNY Cobleskill and later Cornell University Patt began working on large dairy farms in the Scipio Center area. After a few years he and a friend from school decided to try farming for themselves on a rented farm in Scipio. [Read more…]

Preparing the barn and paddock for winter

ms-cl-mr-53-1-horse-tales2005These days of autumn leading up to winter are precious; we are enjoying the weather and spending as much time outdoors with our horses as is possible. Since the late spring, they have been turned out on pasture for as many hours as they choose. Although our pasture grass is not rich and a bit thin, the 15 or so acres are more than adequate for our two small Morgan horses. By the end of November and the start of the Big Game (Deer) hunting season, they’ll be ‘home’ for good — in the barn at night, and in the barnyard during the day, and depending on the amount of ice and snow we receive, probably for the rest of the winter. [Read more…]

USDA designates Massachusetts Counties as primary natural disaster areas

cn-mr-19-1-usda-designates-maFarms in designated counties now eligible for financial assistance

BOSTON, MA – Under a recent declaration made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), 11 Massachusetts counties have been designated as primary natural disaster areas and three counties as contiguous natural disaster area counties due to crop losses, particularly of tree fruits like peaches, caused by frost and freeze occurring between February and May. [Read more…]

Fonda Fair still focused on agriculture

ce-mr-5-fonda-fair405by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Montgomery County Agriculture Society Fonda Fair celebrated its 175th anniversary with this year’s event.

“Fonda Fair has increased it agricultural focus,” said Elma Phillips, of Dellavale Farm, where four generations have been dairying. “Some people are going into the niche markets with smaller animals; goats, sheep, pigs, and showing in those events.” [Read more…]