Manure Management is a goal of SCD

Some horses are magnets for children to pet, but they are livestock. Photo by Jane Primerano

by Jane Primerano

New Jersey is a small state with a lot of water. Lakes, rivers, streams, creeks, ponds and vernal pools, not to mention the surviving sections of two man-made canals ribbon the state.

Keeping that water clean and potable is a challenge in both urban and rural areas.

In the rural northwest and south of the state a major water-quality concern is non-point source pollution from farms. Often, the pollution comes from manure. [Read more…]

Young showman gains experience at Keystone

cw-mr-3-brendan-pimm9917by Sally Colby

A young man patiently works a canvas hood over his sheep’s head, then makes sure all the straps and buckles on the canvas blanket that covers the animal’s body are untangled and properly fastened. The sheep stands patiently, and that’s because its owner has spent a lot of time training prior to show time. [Read more…]

From wool to wheel

ce-mr-3-from-wool-to-wheel7515by Samantha Graves

The story of Skip and Vicki Watt’s small farm outside of Greenville, NY is something of a love story. When the two fell in love just a decade ago and bought the property off of West Road, there was a small log cabin and nothing more. [Read more…]

Great Northern Farm kicks off BQA Month

ce-mr-2-great-northern-farm2by Troy Bishopp

LEBANON, NY — Autumn in New York ushers in brilliant leaf color, bushels of golden winter squash, corn chopping and coincidently, Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) Training Month. The role for beef and dairy farmers in producing New York’s #1 protein by concentrating on animal husbandry and stewardship rarely changes with the seasons. [Read more…]

Shirks introduce new genetics, expand flock of breeding ewes

cm-mr-53-3-shirks-9658by Bill and Mary Weaver

Quentin and Anita Shirk moved with their family and their breeding ewes from a smaller farm in southeastern PA to their current 100 acres in New Columbia in northern Union County in 2010. With the move, they gained plenty of space for pasture rotation; wooded sections of pastures for shade for their sheep; 3 natural water sources; and top-quality (river bottom) soil, which benefits both their pastures and their produce operation. [Read more…]