Farming fish

cm-mr-47-1-farming-fish-eggsby Tamara Scully

Farming fish is a form of agriculture. While it doesn’t involve soil and tillage, it does involve the raising of an animal species in a domesticated setting, for food. And like all livestock farming, it involves manure management, feeding, animal wellness and slaughter.

“Intensively selecting aquatic animals from the wild, in an attempt to farm them, as the wild populations we had could not sustain” the demand for seafood, began about 50 years ago, Dr. John Jensen, Professor Emeritus, Schools of Fisheries, Aquaculture and Aquatic Sciences, Auburn University said. [Read more…]

Centennial at the Big E

cn-mr-32-4-centennial-big-e-13743by Laura Rodley

Opening day at the Big E in Springfield on Sept. 16 heralded a record-breaking number of 86,204 souls that walked through the gates. The following day, 116,602 attended. People walking, riding in wheelchairs and pushing baby carriages wanted to experience the Lourdes of agricultural entertainment, music, parades, and other fun at the Big E’s 100th year celebration. [Read more…]

Blue Ridge Pumpkins grows into a popular PYO destination

cm-32-2-blue-ridge-pumpkins-1by Karl H. Kazaks

FANCY GAP, VA – Five years ago, Barry Iroler embarked on a post-retirement occupation, growing wholesale pumpkins, with no inkling that the operation would become a second career and a totally different type of business: a popular pick-your-own (PYO) pumpkin patch with a variety of family-oriented agritourism options.

Being from Carroll County – a major pumpkin-producing region – it was easy for Iroler to decide to grow pumpkins, specifically Aladdins that first year. [Read more…]

Grazing and soil health

ce-mr-2-grazing-seminar6327by Katie Navarra

On Sept. 21, Sheffer’s Grassland Dairy in Hoosick Falls, NY, hosted an on-farm workshop that was co-sponsored by the Hudson Mohawk Resource Conservation and Development Council, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Rensselaer County Soil and Water Conservation District and the New York Grazing Coalition. [Read more…]

Apprenticeship program educates on dairy

cw-mr-2-apprenticeship-program96by Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

SENECA FALLS, NY — Want to learn or teach the art of dairying? Consider an apprenticeship program. A. Fay Benson, dairy support program educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension Cortland County, presented information on GrassWorks Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship at Empire Farm Days. Newly begun in New York, the program seeks to teach anyone interested in dairying — but especially the next generation — about all aspects of pasture-based dairying. [Read more…]