New regulations will burden farmers and small-scale food producers – raising prices and reducing availability of good food for consumers.

5154_100054106834_211950_nCongress passed the Food Safety Modernization Act to address the increasing problem of foodborne illnesses. But Congress left a lot of the details up to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and FDA is abusing that authority! The agency has proposed new regulations that pose significant problems for farmers, local food producers, and food hubs across the country. There are 2 proposed rules, The “Produce Rule” and the “Preventative Controls Rule”. [Read more…]

NYCAMH Helps Rural Farming Community Stay Sun Wise

Fly Creek, NY–For over two decades the New York Center for Agricultural Medicine and Health (NYCAMH) has been teaching rural farming communities the importance of sun safety. It is estimated that one in five Americans will develop skin cancer in the course of a lifetime. Outdoor occupations such as farming increase a person’s risk for developing skin cancer due to the prolonged exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun.
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Artisan cheesemaker speaks out on FSMA impacts

CN-MR-3-Artisan cheesemaker 3by Sanne Kure-Jensen
Small farmers everywhere will be impacted by Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules. In a recent webinar, Lori Babcock, co-owner of Tieton Farm & Creamery in Tieton, WA described the devastating impact of large Food & Drug Administration (FDA) fees and FSMA recordkeeping burdens on her livestock farms and dairy. She shared her concerns in a webinar called “FSMA — Its Impact on Artisan Cheesemakers” hosted by the Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) Office of Compliance & Outreach. [Read more…]

Andersonville Dairy opens farm as part of Cabot open farm day

CN-MR-3-Andersonville 1by Bethany M. Dunbar
WEST GLOVER, VT — About 130 people from northern Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and as far away as Italy, took advantage of the Cabot Creamery Cooperative open farm at the Andersonville Dairy in October.
This year Mark Rodgers led tours almost continually from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Rodgers is on the board of directors of Agri-Mark, the farmer-owned cooperative that is the parent company of Cabot.
It was one of 49 farms around New England to open its doors to the public that day. Other open farms in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont were Missisquoi Valley Farm (the Coutures) in Westfield, Emergo Farm in Danville and Molly Brook Farm in West Danville. [Read more…]

Connecticut hosts Northeast Holstein Convention

CN-MR-1-Connecticut 1by Lorraine Strenkowski
The 2013 New England States Holstein Convention was held in Connecticut Oct. 25-27 and was hosted by the Connecticut Holstein Association. The event was geared toward the junior members and graced with superb weather for the farm tours. The Holiday Inn in Norwich, CT provided the home base for the convention, which included the annual meetings for the New England Holstein Association as well as the New England Junior Holstein Club. The 2013 New England Fall Classic Tag Sale was also incorporated into the event. [Read more…]