The Big E celebrates Green Pastures

CN-MR-5-GreenPast6715by Lorraine Strenkowski

The New England Green Pastures Committee honored their 2014 Outstanding Dairy Farms at the Eastern States Exposition (The Big E) on Friday, Sept. 12. One farm from each New England state is chosen by committee and awarded each year for their pasture quality and forage management, production, herd/milk quality, financial stability and community involvement.

Each of the winners were asked to put together a 10 minute PowerPoint “tour” that introduced themselves, their farms and their farming techniques and specialties. Winners were also awarded an engraved silver pitcher and barn sign. [Read more…]

Markets for bioenergy crops

CEWM-MR-1-Bioenergy2by Tamara Scully

With the increased focus, over the past several years, on growing crops for the bioenergy sector, producers who opted to pursue this market may now be seeing crops, such as perennial grasses or woody crops, reach full maturity. But they may have yet to develop a reliable, stable market for these crops. Perennial grasses and woody biomass crops such as shrub willow, poplar or eucalyptus take several years to establish, and may require specific equipment for harvesting, leaving a farmer with a negative return on their investment if he hasn’t developed a viable market. [Read more…]

Mohawk Valley Grazers Group hold pasture walk at Honorone Farm

CEW-MR-2-HonorOne1by Elizabeth A. Tomlin

Mohawk Valley Grazers Group met at Scott and Kathie Ryan’s Honorone Farm near Ames, NY, for a pasture walk and workshop sponsored by the Hudson Mohawk RC&D Council, Cornell Cooperative Extension and the Soil and Water Conservation Districts, with funding from the New York Grazing Lands Conservation Initiative.

Speakers at the event included CCE Regional Field Crops Specialist Kevin Ganoe, CCE Regional Dairy Specialist David Balbian and USDA-NRCS Tom Bielli.

The ability to maintain adequate recovery times for plants was addressed by Ganoe. “Pasture can provide high quality feed for dairy cattle if managed well,” he said. [Read more…]

Washington County Fair protects livestock

CN-MR-1-WaCoFair1by Sanne Kure-Jensen

Contestants at the Washington County Fair bring livestock to these competitions confident that their animals’ health will be protected. Greg Breene of Breene Acres in West Greenwich, RI said, “State Veterinarian Dr. Scott Marshall is very thorough.” Even when competitors produce all required paperwork, Dr. Marshall personally inspected every animal. Like other competitors, Breene brought his dairy cows to the fairgrounds the day before the fair’s opening day.

Dairy Intermediate Showman winner, Maggie LaPrise of EMMA Acres in Exeter, RI said, “The Big E is the only event I have seen with more thorough vet checks.” [Read more…]

CNY Farm Progress Show

CEW-MR-2-Farm Progress1by Al Dorantes

CNY Farm Progress Show took place Sept. 10 and 11 at Len-Lo Farm, Robinson Road, Mohawk (Leonard Gilbert Family). The Central New York Farm Progress Show provides an essential service to the agricultural community. The Central New York Farm Progress show is put on by the Farm Show Committee, a group of hardworking volunteers. The CNY Farm Progress Show is a non-profit organization; any excess funds generated by the show are used to fund youth scholarships and educational programs that will foster learning and involvement in the agricultural community. The show featured about 120 exhibitors ranging from agriculture products and services to equipment and machinery. Attendance averaged about 8,000 – 10,000 people. Activities included an antique tractor show, most attractive display, presentation of Herkimer County Dairy of Distinction Award, and much more. [Read more…]