Every cow pulls her weight

cm-mr-54-2-every-cow-pulls-62106by Sally Colby

Dale Thompson grew up on a dairy farm, and recalls that his family was in and out of the dairy business for 32 years. “We also had beef cattle off and on,” said Dale, “and we had hog houses too.” [Read more…]

Resilient grazing even in a drought

cew-mr-2-resilient-grazing27by Troy Bishopp

ALPINE, NY — It has been said that you can’t truly understand something until it happens to you and the meaning of the situation is discovered in that experience. Luckily we have farmers who will share their story in an effort to help us learn. Nothing was more poignant in this journey for knowledge than finding out ways to manage grazing land and animals through the southern tier’s awful 2016 drought. [Read more…]

Diversity yields financial stability for beef operation

cm-mr-43-2-zeager-angus-9466by Bill and Mary Weaver

At 74-years-young, Herbert Zeager of Limestoneville, PA in Montour County is still farming 350 acres; feeding Angus steers for beef — about 100 at a time — and caring for guinea keets from the time they are delivered to his barn at one day old until they are less temperature-sensitive and better able to take care of themselves. With the part-time help of his son John, Zeager raises and turns over about 10,000 guinea fowl every 15 weeks. [Read more…]

Goober the Brahman Bull

ce-mr-2-goober611by Michael Wren

JOHNSTOWN, NY — Possibly one of the most known and photographed bulls in Fulton County, Goober, has been bringing joy and excitement to everyone he has met for the last 18 years. Goober is a large and friendly Brahman bull which has been attending the Fulton County Day on the Farm event at Rodgers Family Orchard for four years. Owner Brian Dailey and Goober also show up at Peaceful Valley Maple Farms for their open house during “maple month”. [Read more…]

New Worker Protection Standard outlined at EFD

cew-fs-mr-21-1-worker-prot1ection-standardby Deborah Jeanne Sergeant

SENECA FALLS, NY — Ethics, economics, environmental considerations, legality: farmers have many reasons to abide by workers safety regulations. Christopher Wainwright, pesticide control specialist with the New York State Department of Conservation recently presented “New Federal WPS Regulations for Ag Chemical Handling” at Empire Farm Days. [Read more…]