Eastern Connecticut’s hoof trimmer

CN-MR-2-Eastern 1by Lorraine Strenkowski

Richard Weingart grew up on a dairy farm in North Franklin, CT. In 1986, after his father’s decision to take advantage of the government’s buy-out program, Richard, 27 years old at the time, found himself a farmer without a farm. In keeping with his agricultural background, Weingart sought out and apprenticed with a hoof trimmer. You might think ‘horses’ but this trimmer was strictly dealing with cows. After two months of actively pursuing his goal, Weingart felt confident enough to continue on his own. [Read more…]

Flowing Spring Farm carves niche as quality Gelbvieh producer

CM-MR-3-Flowing Spring 3by Karl H. Kazaks
ATKINS, VA — Virginia does not have a Gelbvieh association breed sale. Larger breeders can have their own on-farm sales, like Knoll Crest or Little Windy Hills. Smaller breeders can submit cattle to test stations, sell off the farm, or consign to other sales.

Charlie Atkins of Flowing Spring Farm has raised Gelbvieh for over 25 years and has tried all of those methods. Lately, though, he’s decided to market his cattle through two main channels: selling off the farm and at Echo Ridge Angus’s annual fall sale (their Black Friday sale). [Read more…]

Herding helpers on the farm

CEW-MR-2-Herding dogs16by Sally Colby

Although many sheep farmers use herding dogs to work livestock, not all of them had sheep when they started.

Julie Williams, who lives in the Hudson Valley area, had herding dogs before she had sheep. Her first dog was a Kelpie named Lucy. “I trained her all the way through knowing how to do a shed,” said Williams, referring to the act of separating designated sheep from the flock. “I worked with Warren Mick, of Ultima, NY, and he’s really good at what he does. He had a Border Collie named Glen that I really liked, and I found out I could get a puppy sired by Glen — that’s how I got Dan.” Dan was Williams’ first Border Collie, and Joe, her second dog, is related to Dan. Williams started both Dan and Joe as young pups. [Read more…]

Wedgenock Farm

CE-MR-1-Wedgenock Farm1by Al Dorantes

In 1985 Bobbie and Terry Jones took over the Cedarville, NY, farm that her family had owned since 1954. About 10 years ago they put up a new free stall barn and new milking parlor. Every morning Bobbie is up at 4 a.m. to milk approximately 140 cows. Counting her grandson, Nicholas, the Jones’s are going on the 4th generation of farmers to work Wedgenock Farm. But, like most farmers in Upstate New York they were always dealing with the constant question of how to keep their farm going. [Read more…]