Mountain View Farm

CE-COVERby Sally Colby
Mountain View Farm in Mayfield, NY, isn’t one of the largest beef operations in the area, but the Brower family is big on quality.

Mark Brower grew up on a small dairy farm in New York, and Mountain View is part of that farm. They chose White Park cattle to add to their farm.

“When my daughter Amy was eight years old, we were at the Washington County Fair, and she wanted a Jersey calf for 4-H,” said Brower. “We realized that it would be hard to have one Jersey cow on the farm. When we saw this breed at the New York State Fair, my sister wanted to partner with my daughter to buy one, so they did that. They bought more cattle, then my sister got out of it and my son became involved.” Son Mitchell is now 19 and daughter Amy is 22; and although both are currently college students, they’re involved with the cattle whenever possible. [Read more…]

Cream Hill Veal

by Tamara Scully
Dairy farming is a family affair. When an improperly installed milking system almost drove Will Kennedy’s Vermont dairy out of business, the family refused to fold, and re-evaluated their priorities. A return back to Connecticut, where Kennedy’s brother was milking cows, gave them the opportunity to begin again. [Read more…]

Carl Shaffer and the Borlaug hypothesis

CM-MR-1-Carl Shaffer 1by Steve Wagner
When Pennsylvania Farm Bureau President Carl Shaffer stepped to the podium for his annual press conference at the PFB annual meeting, he did not look like the proverbial happy camper. “One of the hottest items is our state funding of transportation,” he said. “I can’t tell you how disappointed we are with our legislators today. There’s no excuse for this. They’re sent there to do a job and one of them is to provide services for the public. We have 5,600 bridges in the state of Pennsylvania that are in need of repair. Of those, 250 are closed completely. [Read more…]

Classifying the registered Holstein

CN-MR-2-Classifying 2by Lorraine Strenkowski
Jeffrey Cone, owner of River Plain Dairy in Lebanon, CT has his registered Holsteins evaluated annually. He met with classifier Mike Nolan, a former dairy farmer from New York state, for an early morning appointment. Cone provides registration papers for his herd and he and Nolan stay ahead of the milker as they move through the 45 cow dairy barn.
“This is important to me,” Cone states. “I’m proud of my herd and their milk production.” [Read more…]

Pless family maintains a long tradition of farming

CM-MR-2-Pless family 2by Karl H. Kazaks
ROCKWELL, NC — The Plesses have been farming in what is today north central Cabarrus County for a long, long time — since 1760. That’s when their ancestor Christopher Pless received a land grant from King George IV. The land his descendents farm today — part of the original grant as well as adjoining land Christopher subsequently purchased — has been continuously owned by the Pless family. [Read more…]