New book explores New England’s rich tobacco history

cn-mr-60-3-tobacco-20by Paul Burdziakowski

When one thinks of tobacco farming the first thing that might come to mind are the green leafed tobacco fields of Havana Cuba and the rolled Cuban cigars that are made there. Those people residing in towns along the Connecticut River Valley just have to think of their own backyard because tobacco farming has been an important part of the New England landscape for hundreds of years. [Read more…]

Coby Corner October 2016

cew-mr-cl-27-3-colby-corner-2cThroughout my life I have been very involved with the dairy industry and agriculture. From the clubs that I am involved, my work promoting dairy products and the fact that three-fourths of my closet is full of cow and dairy-related clothing, dairying is a big part of my life and is something that I absolutely love. While my father was out baling hay for our cows, I was pushing my John Deere tractor with Barbie at the wheel across the green, plush carpets pretending to do the same. [Read more…]

Employee retention and motivation

cm-mr-39-1-employee-retentio1nby Michael Wren

As small family farms become larger and more profitable they begin to hire more and more employees to help with the extra work. However, many farmers have never had multiple employees and find it hard to manage and retain them. Whether you employ five people or 500 people, managing them will be crucial to running your business. [Read more…]

KILE 2016 – Farm City Day

Pennsylvania’s Dairy Princess Halee Wasson, who is studying ag education, takes the opportunity to educate kids of all ages and Steve Wagner
In the week preceding Farm City Day, at the Keystone International Livestock Exposition (KILE), I received an email touting the benefits of technology in agriculture. “Farmers in third world countries can then become managers of their fields instead of working all day in the fields,” it proclaimed. “Right now, 30 percent of all agricultural surfaces are used for cows. [Read more…]