Atherton Farm

CN-MR-3-ATHERTON-FARM_7701by Laura Rodley

One of the benefits of having your farm on a busy thoroughfare is that your farmstand doesn’t need advertising, as the produce is set up and clearly visible from the road. Location is prime for Atherton Farm, owned by Susan Atherton. It’s on busy Route 112, with easy access for people to stop in. Plus, for people choosing to support sustainability, she has no commute, as she grows over 1,000 tomato plants to sell, along with hay, other produce and flowers right at the farm, so there no trucking them in or plastic packaging. [Read more…]

Pasture improvements for equine

CF4-MR-1-Pasture-improve9261Managing and maintaining pasture

by Tamara Scully

Horses need pasture. At least one percent — and preferably 1.5 percent — of their body weight, per day, should come from pasture. One horse requires between two and three acres of pasture — or hay, for maintenance needs alone. Pasture provides a healthy diet for horses, decreasing colic and reducing the incidence of gastric ulcers and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. [Read more…]

Don’t waste the waste

CEW-MR-3-Don't-waste65301by Sally Colby

Manure is a valuable resource, and farmers incorporate it as part of their farm’s nutrient management plan. Manure spreader calibration is an essential and valuable nutrient management tool that helps maximize the efficient use of available manure nutrients. [Read more…]